What is Lighting: Definition and 86 Discussions

Lighting or illumination is the deliberate use of light to achieve practical or aesthetic effects. Lighting includes the use of both artificial light sources like lamps and light fixtures, as well as natural illumination by capturing daylight. Daylighting (using windows, skylights, or light shelves) is sometimes used as the main source of light during daytime in buildings. This can save energy in place of using artificial lighting, which represents a major component of energy consumption in buildings. Proper lighting can enhance task performance, improve the appearance of an area, or have positive psychological effects on occupants.
Indoor lighting is usually accomplished using light fixtures, and is a key part of interior design. Lighting can also be an intrinsic component of landscape projects.

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  1. DaveC426913

    Electrical Lighting options for miniature village

    I've been workng on "Storybook"-style Houses for a wooden miniature village I'm building for my wife. They are approximately 1/48th-1/35th scale. There will be several in the village. I plan to light them internally, but I only need one light in each. I will cover the windows in translucent...
  2. A

    Why does a plasma ball emit light?

    Is the cause of the lighting due to the impact of electrons with the nucleus
  3. B

    Circuit Requirements Questions (Design of a stadium lighting system)

    [Thread moved from a technical forum, so no Homework Template is shown] A controller is required to monitor the natural illumination of a sports stadium and, when the ambient light is below a pre-set level, to switch on external lighting. The system is required to be of high integrity, and...
  4. E

    Question about Powering a lighting unit: 14 VDC @ 3.2A / 28VDC@ 1.6A

    New to electricity so take it easy on me... I have a light unit: 14 VDC @ 3.2A / 28VDC@ 1.6A 2 questions: I was curious to see if a 9V Duracell battery will power it up: and it turned it on but I noticed my battery head bubbled up. From my understanding correct me if I am wrong on a 9V...
  5. sophiecentaur

    Old fashioned gas stove with automatic lighting - how?

    I cleaned the two ovens in our conventional gas stove. They light themselves - trying a few times if the flame doesn't strike and give up if no dice. One of the ovens would strike and light, then go out and try again - clunk pause clunk pause etc. I decided to have a look at the burner unit as I...
  6. H

    Heat Gains from LED Lighting

    Hi all, If in a room, a lighting design was carried out and the room will contain 4 no, LED luminaries with a total wattage of 80. My query relates to what would a reasonable figure or percentage be to use as heat gain from the light. Of the 80 watts, how much of it would go into heat? I am...
  7. S

    Electrical How to make the illumination direction of an overhead LED light adjustable?

    Is there a way to modify a thin overhead LED light fixture that fits over a ceiling box to make the direction of the light easily adjustable? Perhaps add some sort of adjustable shade to it? In remodeling a bedroom, I'd like to install ceiling boxes ( e.g...
  8. mike2020

    Strange optical phenomenon: lighting a candle in front of a TV screen

    I observed a strange optical phenomenon when lighting a candle in front of a tv screen, in the dark (attached picture). There seems to be two lines forming an 'X' figure with a colored pattern (of diffraction, I suppose). I think it must be related to the material structure of the TV screen...
  9. T

    How can I create a unique projection of my company logo on light shades?

    I've been tasked with designing light shades for my companies new building. The current goal is to 3D print them, and include the company logo/name on them. The lights are for design purposes only, and aren't being used to illuminate the room. The hard part is, I want the logo/name clearly...
  10. nitinkranti

    LED Light Tail Lights: Find a Way to Turn Off/On!

    hello everyone i thank you all in advance for reading this and i m hoping someone will be able to help me with this i got some led light strip to use as a tail light on my motorbike. i want to find a way to turn the tail light off when using blinkers.. and tail light back on when i turn...
  11. B

    HOW TO: Stop efficient LEDs from lighting up when off

    Saw an old thread, "Led Lights Burn With Power Off" and it was closed... so let me check out an issue with you all: in this same situation and I don't want the lights softly glowing, could I put a 100 ohm 1/4 watt resister in line to block the teeny tiny induced current? Would it behave well...
  12. aon3t

    Torque applied on a lighting column

    Greetings! I am currently making a program which is about lighting columns. And I am currently at a halt because I need some basic physics done before I can complete it. I have a lighting column which is L = 8 m D = 0.087 m M = 69 kg I have a force, applied from the wind load, at F = 1235...
  13. Alan Arqueza

    Why Was Yesterday's Sunlight Brighter Than This Morning?

    Yesterday morning the lighting from the sunlight made everything brighter until 11:50am Pacific Daylight time. I am in the San Francisco Bay Area in Northern California. Can you explain why sunlight on 13 July 2016 appears to be 'brighter' than this morning?
  14. J

    Lighting up a 5mm LED using a homemade battery

    Homework Statement I'm currently doing a mini project as an assignment in my engineering course. I tried replicating the coin battery, where I stack a piece of cardboard soaked in black vinegar (couldn't find white vinegar), a piece of aluminium foil, then a 20 sen coin (Malaysian...
  15. A

    Catenary lighting canopy -- Working out reactions at columns

    Hi guys, first time poster so play nice :) Outline of problem: The situation I have is that there are 4 supporting columns. These columns support support a wire and this wire is then used to hang wires which support festive lights. (see diagram below) What I'm looking for as an end point is...
  16. J

    Python Making a pretty n-body simulation

    Hi all, I have recently created an nbody simulation in Vpython for a few thousand particles where each particle is about 4000 times the mass of our Sun. Vpython is doing exactly what I want it to do the only problem being the output is extremely low quality (black spheres on a white...
  17. ckirmser

    Lighting a Christmas Tree

    Got a question: I've got a Christmas tree that needs lights strung on it, but I want to know how to hang the lights so that the entire string is spaced evenly and it ends at the top with nothing left over. I figure there's a formula to derive this, but I don't know what it may be. Any...
  18. G

    Closed loop problem for lighting in thunderstorm?

    Hello. As far as I know, every circuit capable to flow current must be closed. In other word, open circuit can not flow the current, obviously. Right now, I would like to know this is also true for lighting in bad weather. When bottom of the dark and heavy cloud get more and more electron by...
  19. Daoyang

    Can I control the lighting of thousands of optical fibers?

    Hi everyone! This is my first post. I hope I am posting in the right place -- if not, please let me know. I am also hoping my question will not sound too absurd; I am no physicist, just someone who would like to use complex technology to create an art installation, and I'm having a hard time...
  20. A

    Wireless power and lighting ball

    Hey guys.Is there some relation between wireless power and lighting balls
  21. M

    MHB What is the optimized angle for maximum intensity in lighting?

    I really need help creating an optimization problem for this, I have this so far.. I(φ, φMax) = Sin(φ * π/φMax)/(Sin(x)2 + 1) With that said, I don't really understand how to enter values into that equation, "Phi" is really throwing me off, is it a constant or should I treat it as a variable...
  22. C

    Why does the thunder from lighting last much longer than the flash?

    I was walking home today when I noticed that the flash from a lighting takes a fraction of a second while the sound lasts a good 5-6 seconds. I couldn't think of an explanation for this, except a wild guess that maybe the source of sound is a line source and sound from different points on the...
  23. J

    Fibre optics for use in lighting?

    Is it possible to send enough light down a fibre optic cable to produce say 1000 Lumens? How would I go about calculating this? My thoughts here are using fibre optic cables to transfer light from the rooftops of buildings to the rooms inside. Is it possible? I know fibre optics are used to...
  24. Q

    Why is my salt solution not lighting the bulb?

    So I have a typical 9volt battery attached to a Christmas light and am attempting to demonstrate the typical "saltwater can conduct electricity" gimmick by showing that the bulb lights when completing the circuit in the solution. I'm racking my brain though and can't figure out why the bulb...
  25. G

    Notes on interior lighting circuits (?)

    So basically I'm in the 1st year of EE and we're going to design the wiring diagram. Pretty much all we put at this stage are grounded electricity sockets, lights, water heater, and the oven. The problem is that the book that I've gotten from my school is 95% about mechanical drawings, which...
  26. B

    About lighting strikes and sources

    Hello everyone. I would like to know why we simulate in programs like atp lighting strikes with current sources and not with voltage sources. Could anyone help? Thank you :)
  27. B

    Could earths magnetic field help cause/effec Tornadoes, and lighting?

    I was wondering if anyone knew of any research done on if there could be a connection between Earth's magnetic field and some of our planets less understood weather phenomenon like tornadoes and lightning. From my understanding the most excepted theory is that lighting is caused by charged...
  28. O

    Total Lighting Load & Current

    It's been a while since I had my last circuits class, so I'm just looking for some verification on my calculations. I have a series of lights that I want to combine to 1 circuit (if possible). Each light fixture has 2 bulbs, and I have a total of 12 fixtures, meaning 24 bulbs. I am using...
  29. S

    MHB Ironic Lighting: An Antique Replica Emergency Light

    Recently my wife bought an emergency light for our home. It has 12 LEDs, requires 2 D batteries, and is very bright. It comes in a replica of an antique Brooklyn lantern. It looks something like this: *---* /:::::\ *--*:::::::*--* | *:::::::* | |...
  30. S

    LED Outdoor Lighting Solutions - Bob's Story

    Hi, i recently installed 24 miniture lamp posts around my yard. These lamp posts are using 12 volt push in twist (car backup or brake bulbs). I powered the 24 bulbs with a large 12 volt transformer which is controlled by a switch inside the house. Here in lies the problem not thinking i orderd...
  31. M

    Lightning Strikes: Does it Create an EMP?

    I don't know if this is in the right section but here goes any way when lighting strikes does it create a magnetic wave and or an EMP?
  32. S

    DC Lighting Control - Power 3 LED Strips

    I currently have available a 12V DC source and from that I want to power 3 LED strips but I want to be able to either have them all on at the same time, blink the strips in a pattern, or have them off. I have done some research into 555 timers but it looks like they won't be able to handle the...
  33. L

    Physics Theories of Stage Lighting?

    For my physics class, we are doing a large project for our finals. I wanted to do mine on dealing with stage lighting (theatre). I tried googling and doing some research, but couldn't find much. Does anyone know any theories related to the physics of stage lighting?
  34. MacLaddy

    Recessed can lighting voltage

    I have some recessed can lighting fixtures in a commercial application that was using compact 277v fluorescent bulbs (2x26w). I have purchased a can light fixture that will hold one spiral 277v fluorescent (27w), which allows us to get away from having to purchase two lights + ballast. However...
  35. K

    Lighting and Sound Careers and Jobs?

    I have always been interested in light and sound design (mostly at concerts) and was wondering how could i get into a job or something that will help me get involved into that field ? i don't really want to go through my schools theature program just because i don't like it but yeah help me
  36. S

    Dealing with RFI from Expensive LED Lighting: Tips and Experiences

    I have just fitted two (very expensive) UK mains - 14 watt (120 watt tungsten equivalent, 28 watt CFL equivalent) LED luminaires in a building extension. I am now picking up intolerable interference on both AM and FM radios, throughout the house. Considering the cost, CE markings and other...
  37. L

    Need to interrupt a low voltage lighting loop circuit

    Need to interrupt a low voltage lighting "loop" circuit I configure a lot of low voltage lighting for a living. Although it's not a deal-breaker for the project I'm working on, I'm having a disagreement with a colleague as to whether the following configuration should work: Shapeable...
  38. C

    Would space lightning last longer then earth lighting?

    I'm writing a paper on the possibility of harvesting space lighting, but the main question would be, does space lightning last longer then real lighting. My argument would be that air resistance cuases the channel which the current is traveling through to split. However in a vacuum, you would...
  39. S

    Focus on LED lighting technology, which Master degree?

    Wish to focus on LED lighting technology, Mainly high powered LEDs to illuminate areas such as indoor and outdoor areas. Which masters area should I take into consideration? Should I consider getting a P.E.? Main things to consider when designing actual light fixtures; Optics Heat...
  40. R

    Using phones when its lighting and thundering

    Is it true that one must not use a phone when it is lightining ?
  41. S

    Solving LED Dimming Issue: Edward's Conundrum

    Hello folks. My first post on this Forum: I have a conundrum, I have built a LED light fixture in my living room. The issue I have is that the LEDS have dimmed over the last 5 months by about 50%. I did not notice it until I had to replace one the other day, and it was way brighter then the...
  42. M

    Controler for street lighting

    Hi to everybody on this forum. I'm reading you all the time and learned a lot of stuff here. Now i have some problems in the work and i need help from someone with expirience .My boss give me a three way diagram from controler,and i need to draw the scheme in one way diagram.Please help me...
  43. A

    Photon & Lighting: What Happens After Production?

    Hello everyone! It's pouring with rain and the thunder is roaring. I was sitting outside watching the lighting and I had a strange thought come to me, the lighting is producing photons correct? What happends to photons after they are produced? Do they keep on moving through things just not...
  44. N

    Having trouble lighting up LED in a breadboard.

    I've got some D.C power supply connected to my breadboard, and there is definitely current going through it as I've put some resistors in series and parallel and checked the values on the multimeter vs my calculations and it seems to be alright. Now I put in a 5mm LED in series with a 100 ohm...
  45. N

    Lighting a candle, blowing it out and relighting it by lighting the smoke?

    http://imgur.com/gallery/VtWhm - I've been trying this ever since I saw this .gif and it works. No idea why. Can anyone help?
  46. A

    Solar lighting for remote yurt/cabin

    Greetings- Thanks for the opportunity for a biologist to glean some info on e. engineering. My wife and I are taking over two established yurts (16' D fabric-sided shelters) used primarily for winter recreation. Current lighting from white gas lanterns. Flammable liquids that need to be...
  47. M

    Fluorscent Lighting wiring

    Hello, This should be a simple question for you guys. I want to buy something very similar to this http://www.1000bulbs.com/product/4850/AU-LPLL18UV.html". How do I connect it to a battery or the outlet? I know I need a ballast and some type of socket but what kind? How do I wire it? I'm...
  48. M

    Magnitude and Duration of Inrush on various lighting technologies

    Hi: I'm wondering where I can find a table with the magnitude and duration of inrush on the many various lighting technologies at the various levels they come in. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  49. E

    Burnside's Lemma: Lighting Arrangements

    Homework Statement A ring of ten lights is hanged around the inside of a window in the following fashion. 1 2 3 10 4 9 5 8 7 6 Each light may be either on or off. Use Burnside's Lemma to find the number of unique arrangements of lights if the window can be be observed...
  50. sophiecentaur

    LED lighting: new developments?

    Does anyone have ideas about the possibility of (12V) LED units with higher powers and better colour (/spectrum) for domestic situations? I am reluctant to pay the high prices they are asking for the present ones if there is a possibility that something much better is on the horizon. This is...