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Solar tracker calculation of torques and forces

  1. Nov 14, 2012 #1

    i am designing a solar tracker for my final year project. its a dual axis solar tracker with two stepper motors one rotating a shaft and the other tilting a bar. i need help on calculating forces torques and finding the FOS. can anyone help me?

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    You said "final year", didn't you? This is basic statics & dynamics analysis.
    F = ma
    T = Jα

    Should be sized for maximum acceleration (increase from speed1 to speed2, then reverse to stop). Include every possible resistance to motion you can dream up (friction, gravity effects, efficiencies, any & all inertia effects) in order to size for "peak torque" on the rotational axes. Once you have that, then you size your motors, gear trains, etc., to match.
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