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Solidworks beam deflection and MDSolids

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    Hi all

    Sorry if this is in the wrong place...

    I've been doing some beam deflections on a simply supported beam, with loads applied to the overhangs, and have used MDSolids, Hand Calculations and Solidworks.

    My hand calculations match up with the results that I have got from MDSolids, however they differ significantly (in terms of percentage) when ran in Solidworks Simulation.
    The difference is almost 50%, which equates to 0.15mm difference between the two. (I.E smaller deflection is 0.15mm and larger is 0.30) The larger deflection comes from the hand calculations and MDSolids.

    I have used macaulys equation to calculate the bem deflection, which I have assumed doesn't actually take into account the geometry of the shape? It only takes into account the second moment of area, which for example, would be same for an 'I' beam or a piece of channel with equivalent dimensions.

    Now, my question is this, How does Solidworks calculate deflection? Is it purely based on the second moment of area (which I think is called linear?), or does it also take into account the actual geometry of the beam (I think this is called non-linear?). If it is linear, then could I be getting a different deflection as a result of using fixed geometry for the supports? I have applied the loads in 3d, and ran the analysis in 3d. I have yet to try and treat the beam as a 2D model, as accessing Solidworks is particularly difficult for me at the moment. Or, is it as simple as I need to remodel the beam?

    Also, if anyone out there can help me, would you please suggest some further reading material please?

    Many thanks
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