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Solution of exp(lambda)*Gamma(0,lambda)

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    I need to find the solution of exp(lambda)*Gamma(0,lambda) for using definite integral from 0 to 1e5. this multiplication of exponential with incomplete gamma function

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    Hi !
    What is the meaning of "solution" of a function ?
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    answer or any one result or number which can be obtained through above product. when using some integration limits can be supposed or not.if supposed what is the one result.

    in other words can we have any close form solution.
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    Sorry, I cannot understand your question.
    If you are looking for the solution of an equation, would you mind write the equation with a sign = in it.
    If you are looking for a close form of an integral, would you mind write explicitely the integral, with dx in it (or d? if the variable is not x).
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