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Solution of this differential equation

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    Whatsup guys,
    im new in this forum so be easy on me...
    I've been banging my head against a wall lately...
    i have come up across a differential equation i havent been able to resolve...
    does any of you know any way of resolving this equation??
    a(x) needs to be differentiable for any x belonging to the real numbers
    cheers guys!

    (both of them are the same, the only difference is that the first one is without the integration procedure done, and the second is with both sides already integrated)

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    You have two equations in the attachment. What's your question? Are you asking how the second equation results from the first?

    BTW, is this a homework problem?
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    mark, thanks for replying
    in fact, both of them are the same equation, the only thing is that the first one is without integrating, and the second one is when the equation is already integrated

    and no, it is not homework, its a research im doing...
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    The second equation is not equivalent to the first. You handled the left hand side incorrectly. Incidentally, is there some sort of value for "a" given at some value of x.
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