Solve Geometry Problem: Volume of Solid Swept by UXWV

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UXWV is a ractangle with the sides of 4in and 3in and the diametral line YT is perpendicular to he plane of UXWV. The Circumference of Circle T = 16 pi.. Imagine rectangle reminaing perpendicular to YT as U moves up to Y along URY. [Broken]

What is the volume of the solid the rectangle UXWV sweeps through??

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no idea how to start...
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You have a rectangle with sides 4 in and 3 in and it moves perpendicularly a distance D, the diameter of the circle, creating a solid "4 in by 3 in by D in". You know the circumference of the circle is 16 pi in. What is the diameter, D, of the circle?
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SO the formula for circumference is pi*d, thus 16pi would make the diameter 16, which will be he height of your solid, and since you are tiling the rectangles, the area formula will still be the area of the base * height, and the area of the base is 12insqrd, and so the voluma will be 192 in cubed?

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