Solving numerically with Excel?

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My quandary... it's related to not being able to evaluate numerically (non-algebraic solutions) with Excel. My Mathematica programming is limited, but I've managed to use Findroot to solve it, but it requires me to manually put in 3#'s, hit enter, then copy paste results back to excel.

However, I'll have to do this serveral thousand times! Lots of data. I really need to automate it... I realize Wolfram sells an applet to plug into Excel, but I don't own it.

Does anybody have any other solutions on how to solve numerically with an excel spreadsheet? I've tried reading Mathematica help to import/process/export... to no avail... I just don't know the language well enough.

By the way, for any curious math folks, equations to be solved are of the form...
exp(-x) - k1*exp(-k2*x) = k3, where k's are constants.

PS - I've created another thread with specific's if anybody well versed with Mathematica is willing to help.

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The general approach I would take would be to import the Excel sheet into a program like MATLAB or R and analyze the data there.

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