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Some question on undergrad research

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    hello gentlmen. i am a physics/astro sophmore and i recently got hooked up in a sweet job for the summer, which is working at the observatory analyzing variable stars. it seems really cool because it seems something i can definitely do without becoming just some worthless grunt work person. i am not sure if i want to do astro for grad school though, i am a double major. i might for example, go for grad school to medical physics. i was wondering if i ever apply for med physics is my experience researching with a professor going to be helpful evene if it isnt completely related to what i might do in grad school?
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    - imaging physics
    - signal processing and analysis
    - coding experience
    - demonstrated interest in research and lab experience
    - letter of recommendation from a professor intimately familiar with your work

    I think there's a lot there that could apply to medical physics. In general, I don't think anyone expecs that as an undergrad you will know exactly what you want to do with your life. Take advantage of the opportunities that come your way.
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    In general, undergraduate research experience is much more about learning how to do research in general, than it is about gaining knowledge of a specific field, especially if you are at the sophomore level.
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