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Space engineering student at York, should I transfer to Ryerson?

  1. Aug 4, 2015 #1
    I am currently studying space engineering at york, i just completed my first year and did horribly. I wouldn't say the academics were the cause rather idk i think social anxiety got the best of me i haven't made one proper friend so far. A lot of people are telling me that this degree is gonna be meaningless considering its from york and that i should switch to ryerson or uft. But to do that id have to almost repeat and upgrade all of the courses i have taken already (just first year) in order to meet the requirements. And now I'm just LOST, idk if its worth it? It sort of makes me happy because i feel like ill get a fresh start both academically and socially but then i hear a lot of people online saying that lassonde is gonna be the next schulich and osgoode. Im honestly just confused is it really worth it? or should i just stick to york?
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    You need to find quantitative data rather than rely on gossip & hearsay.
    I don't know what country you're in but quite a few studies have been done on graduate job prospects vs University.
    Be aware that some don't control for degree type so can be misleading (ie they ignore that engineering graduates have better prospects than gender studies graduates).
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    Sure, with changing to a different school you'll get a fresh start, but it's probably worth looking a little deeper at your issues, because there's a big risk that all you'll end up doing is have the same cycle repeat itself.

    What have you attempted to make friends? Have you joined any intramural teams? Have you tried living in residence? What about joining some clubs on campus or taking up a martial art? Or what about a part-time job that has opportunities to meet people? Everyone needs to blow off steam and universities are usually saturated with opportunities for involvement. If you need to go to a new school to feel like you can take advantage of such opportunties than changing is likely a good idea, otherwise you may not get that much out of it.

    With regards to the value of your degree I agree with billy joule that you need to base decisions off of data rather than what other people say. Generally speaking an engineering degree from a Canadian university is going to be well-accepted among employers. You may want to think about the degree of specialization you're taking on at this stage of the game though. I don't know exactly what "space engineering" entails, but I suspect that a lot of the engineers working in the space industry have degrees that are not exclusive to it. Either way the department probably keeps data on where it's graduates are ending up. If they are going to places you can see youself going to, it's a good sign. If York Space Engineering graduates are ending up as Wal-Mart greeters and Ryerson graduates are ending up as NASA project managers then... well... make your decision.
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