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Aerospace SpaceX to conduct a manned flyby mission around the moon

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    I am not an expert in this area, i just want to know what people here think, can SpaceX really do this by 2018 ? or is 2030 more realistic ?
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    Hmmm. I think the flight itself might be feasible, especially because it doesn't need to land. However, 'two private individuals' does not sound as though they have trained in spaceflight (although who knows!) and that might be a problem with such a short timeframe. This is very a idealistic article, it may take a few more years. Also, while SpaceX is doing good things for the exploration of the 'final frontier', its dates are far from reliable.
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    See our older thread

    2018 is very optimistic, but 2019 or maybe 2020 look possible. This is assuming no rocket failure until then.
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