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Spatial Filtering 2d numpy array with a 3x3 mask

  1. Aug 30, 2016 #1
    I have large 2d matrices from dicom files that i wish to filter with a 3x3 mask. the image arrays are of varying size and are padded with one border of zeros for the edge handling of the mask. i need to iterate over every element in the array and multiply it by the mask. ive done it in SciLab but so far in python i have the padded image matrix and the 3x3 mask ready to go i just need to get the syntax right.

    g is the image matrix usually about 600 by 800, i.e. not square
    w is the 3x3 filter

    the function is SciLab is as follows

    Code (Text):
      for i=1:m;
            for j=1:n;
                   g(i,j)= g(i,j)*w(1,1)+g(i+1,j)*w(2,1)+g(i+2,j)*w(3,1)...
    i, j and m,n refers to the array elements of the image matrix and the filter but it doesnt work like that in python.

    Im just having trouble with the syntax conversions.

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    You'll need something like

    Code (Python):

    for i in range(1,m):
        for j in range(1,n):
             g[i][j] = g[i][j] * w[1][1]+g[i+1][j]* etc etc etc
    couple things to check when you do this,
    make sure you haven't mixed up your rows/columns. I've done that before and its easy to miss (I mean make sure it shouldn't be g[ i])
    Also the lists in python generally start at 0, so you may want to have range(0, m) instead of range(1,m)

    Hope that helps
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    thanks, that will help..
    just out of curiosity... does the ndimage.convolve method from scipy do the filtering in the same way? that would make it a one liner...
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    Never used it. Try it out and see if it does :)
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