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Speed & Distance to rotate 360 degrees

  1. Nov 13, 2007 #1
    I have a two part problem to figure out regarding a vehicle loosing control without any outside force except driver input in which it rotates 360 degrees in one direction on a .7f coefficient of friction curved narrow exit ramp. What speed and over what linear distance would be required to achiev this?

    Second, what would be required in order to stop the rotation in one direction and begin to rotate 360 degrees in the opposite direction, again with any outside force except for driver input and what distance would that take?

    I don't believe that a 360 degree rotation can be accomplished at normal highway speeds without some sort of an impacting force from another vehicle on a .7f roadway. This could probably be accomplished on ice (.01f) rather easily. I believe that the vehicle will begin to yaw and complete only a partial rotation prior to it running off of the road. I also believe that once rotating in one direction the vehicle could not be made to rotate in the opposite direction simply by driver input. Am I right? Why?

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