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Speed of Sound, Light, and Time?

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    I apologize if this thread is in the wrong location, as you see: My knowladge of Physics is (probably) at the level of a 10th grader... or maybe less... which is what I am.

    I won't bore you with how I got into such a theory, but before I start I'd like to state that I start this topic for the sake of looking at the subject from diffrent, more proffesional angles, and perhapes proove it wrong.

    The theory of relativity states that everything is relative to each-other (or atleast that's how I was told). So, diffrent speeds are relative to each-other.
    Quite a long time ago, there was a theory that there is no way to cross the Speed of Sound. But it was done, and infact now it's an every-day deal.
    Now it's said that there is no way to cross the speed of light - but how is that diffrent from the speed of sound?
    Also, what about Time? Does it have speed? Is it possible to go faster than time itself?
    And if it is, what happens? Something in me tells me either Teleportation, either travel backwards in time.
    Speaking of which, I've read that gravity distorts time passage - Is it possible to create a massive object, which will distort time so much that it stops? Or, even go backwards?
    Is it possible to move time? What if time is not a line, but has actually two dimensions? Maybe it has three? Is time is actually a circle?

    So many questions, so little knowladge. I'll cut this short here.

    -- Thanks in advance, I'm looking forward for either having myself shouted at with useless, shallow skeptism and having that topic moved / deleted. Either developing a healthy conversation, resulting in perhapes a new scientific discovery (I'm an optimist, I'll go with the second).

    Edit: Seems like "Cosmology" fits it better.
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    Hi soryy, welcome to the forum.

    Before I made my first post here, I read every thread and post I could for a year in order to learn as much as I could about relativity. I really think that is what you should do. You can find lots of answers to your questions and even some answers to questions you never thought to ask. The purpose of this forum is to help people like you understand relativity.

    I notice that you have a tendency to provide hopeful answers to some of your questions. If we just went through your questions and answered them yes or no with no explanation, would that satisfy you? I doubt it. You're hoping that a new scientific discovery will happen as a result of your conversations. Trust me, that's not going to happen. If you really want to understand these things, you can spend a lot of your time learning just by diving into the various threads and read what they have to say.
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