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Spontaneous symmetry breaking

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    Was the early spontaneous symmetry breaking caused by exponential expansion in the first instant of standard theory?

    Is that the reason that the early Big Bang universe is thought to have contained equal amounts of matter and anti-matter (produced by spontaneous symmetry breaking)?

    Does the observed expansion continue to cause spontaneous symmetry breaking and produce matter anti-matter pairs? Have we detected them, are we looking for them, or is this something that just happened in the first picoseconds?

    Or is everything about symmetry breaking a part of quantum mechanics and not Big Bang Theory at all?
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    Spontaneous symmetry breaking seems to be related to the period before the big bang in string theory. After some searching I found this superstringtheory site.

    This page from that site addresses Inflation Theory and spontaneous symmetry breaking, and you can step through the whole site using the "previous" and "next" arrows.

    The questions I was asking seem to be addressed.
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