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Medical Sports - Working out - Recovery

  1. Jan 6, 2008 #1
    Why is it that I am more sore the 2nd day after my work-out rather than the next?
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    You were still delirious on the first day ....:tongue2:

    sorry .... I don't have a better answer. I always feel the most sore on the next day after a hard workout.
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    Lol, well this isn't uncommon for me so I've become curious as to the reason. I just find it strange, maybe I'm not human :-\
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    From my experience your workout was most intense when the pain is worst on the second day of recovery as opposed to the first. I have no clue why this is and I'm also curious about it.
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    What kind of workout are you guys talking about, out of curiosity? Are these strength-building exercises, i.e. anaerobic exercise? I do a lot of bicycling, so for me the most intense workouts I get tend to be long rides, say 80-100 miles (that's long for me - not for everyone!). This is mostly aerobic, but still, my legs are totally spent and if I worked hard enough, they're really tired the next day - walking up the stairs can be noticeably harder. Now, on the second day, my muscles can certainly feel tighter, especially if I haven't done any stretching or light recovery exercise since the big event, but they don't feel more sore or tired.
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    Well I run and lift weights almost 4x a week, but the other day I played Football and it's been a long time since I've played sports hard. My feet hurt more today then yesterday and I sat on my a** the whole day!
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