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Spring Semester - Help W/ Class Choice

  1. Dec 14, 2007 #1
    I'll have to take a class next semester as a junior level EE that I'm not really looking forward to. The reason is because of the professor. He is a nice guy to talk to, but as far as teaching, he is the worst. It is one of the most common known facts at my school. I had him for a class this semester (which I got an A) and it was almost torture. I only went to class to show him my face (basically, that I was there). The material wasn't that interesting, but I forced myself to learn it and it wasn't that bad. He just made it seem *that bad* in lecture.

    I'm not sure what to do. I'm thinking about pushing back the class next year, same semester (spring). I'll be taking it with the current sophomores (soon to be juniors) class. That doesn't bother me, but I know that a better professor is teaching it (actually the Dean of the Eng. School).

    Is this a good move? Plus, it doesn't help that his classes are at 8:30AM because his monotone voice is the worst thing in the world. Also, the fact that my friends have done this already is also enticing. They don't have class until 12pm on all days... they're taking another class.

    Last question - should I replace this with another EE/CE course or a CS course, or a general education course? I'll be taking the following courses next semester:

    3cred-Electromagnetics (this is the course I don't want to take)
    3cred-Control Systems
    3cred-Jr. Level Design Lab
    1cred-EE Seminar II
    3cred-Communications Systems
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  3. Dec 14, 2007 #2
    I would recommend taking it now for two reasons! Although he is a monotone voice, and could put you to sleep the fact that you were able to partially teach yourself the course material and still get an A is awesome and just proves that with a bit of effort you can do it again! Second, the thing about your friends, try not to spend a lot of time during school hours with friends. I try to spend most of my time in hiding so that I can use my time in the morning and afternoon for study, and then I socialize in the evening. If you do too much socializing, work will pile up and will only give you stress in the long run (the work lol).

    Hope this was at least a bit helpful!

    BTW, Electromagnetics is I believe a really interesting topic! I remember I studied it for a short while in Physics, and this was one of the only topics in Physics I enjoyed! The other ones were Relativity and Nuclear Physics.
  4. Dec 14, 2007 #3
    Hi BioCore... thanks for your advice.

    The way I function is that I like to have classes in the morning (not too early though) and be done early in the day. After that, I like to relax for an hour or so, then hit the library at around 4. That is the most optimal time for me... I'm one of those people who can only do work during the late afternoons or evenings (obviously, for final exam weeks, I can change this habit easily).
  5. Dec 15, 2007 #4
    Well not everyone works the same way as I do, but you should then optimize as compared to your own likings. But since you do like to get classes done with in the morning, then I would recommend going with that!

    I was wondering what year you are exactly in? Is this your first year?
  6. Dec 15, 2007 #5
    Third year as an EE.
  7. Dec 15, 2007 #6
    Wow that is pretty impressive. My friend is currently in his first year in Computer Engineer although he told me he is still deciding whether or not to remain in the program or switch to Electrical Engineering. What would you say, would you recommend EE of Computer Engineering?
  8. Dec 15, 2007 #7
    It depends on what he wants to do... I was originally a computer engineering major. After a few courses on what I thought would be interesting, I was proven wrong. It wasn't the CS courses (I love them), but it two courses that drew me apart -- Microprocessors and Digital Systems Design. They were OK courses but I felt like I'd be more interested in EE topics, such as Radar/Sonar/DSP.

    As a freshman, it's good that he's thinking about it now. The two programs share strikingly similiar courses, so he won't be far off until maybe his junior year. Ask him what he's interested in then I can give you some more information.
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