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Homework Help: Spring stretched by weight, find spring constant

  1. Sep 13, 2014 #1
    I'm in a basic level physics class as a requirement for my major. Physics has never been a strong subject for me. Can someone help me with this problem?

    You have a spring with a 60lb weight hanging from it.

    A) If the 60 pound weight stretches the spring 3 inches, how much will a 30 pound weight stretch the spring?

    **I'm assuming the answer is 1.5 inches??

    B) what is the spring constant(k) of the spring? Be sure to include the correct units of k.
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    Why did you make that assumption?
    What have you done to solve the problem?
    How is "spring constant" defined in your text?
    No need to make excuses on your ability when asking for help, as it doe neither you or the one helping you any good wrt the problem at hand.
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    That's correct but can you explain why?

    There is a template for posting questions in the homework section and that contains a clue. It asks you to list Relevant Equations. So, what's the relevant equation that relates the length of a spring to the force on it?
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    [Please note that I have changed the thread title to reflect the question content - gneill]
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