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Static of Beam and Internal Force ( Mechanical Engineering )

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    I am currently in my first year in Mechatronics Major, and now I am trying to understanding about statics of beam. How about draw the shear and moment curve? How about if the force is variation and have graph too.
    Just like this for example

    V the curve of this like sinus or cosinus for example.
    |||||||||||||||||||||| => 4N/m
    V V V V V V V V V V V
    12 Meters

    how to calculate ?
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    Shear and moment in a beam depend on loading and support conditions. Solve for the support reactions first. There are numerous examples on the web (do a 'google' search on shear and moment diagrams). The slope of the shear diagram at any point is the loading distribution at that point. The slope of the moment diagram at any point is the shear at that point. It's probably best to look through the voluminous websites for clear examples.
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