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STATICS: Applying Force Equilibrium

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    The ball of weight W is held in place as shown in the left figure by the inclined surface and the compressed spring. The FBD of the ball is shown in the right figure.
    Determine the force exerted by the spring on the ball, and the force exerted by the inclined surface on the ball in terms of the weight, W, of the ball.

    How would this problem be solved?
    I have the FBD, I'm just unsure of the first step!

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    The sum of the forces in x and y=0. So for example w is only affecting the sum in y, and s only in x. You would have to find the angle of the normal force and then you can express everything with cosines and sines. Give it a try, and if you don't have a clue just yet, post another message here with what you have done so far.
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    I was thinking about the problem wrong. Thank you for your guidance! I was able to figure it out.
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