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Statics Question: Is my answer correct?

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    Please click the image to enlarge it

    http://img257.imageshack.us/img257/3952/problemfy9.th.jpg [Broken]

    I think I have this problem solved correctly, but please check my solution. In the image my problem is *4-24
    The 70-N force acts on the end of the pipe at B Determine (a) The moment of this force about point A, and (B) the magnitude and direction of a horizontal force, applied at C, which produces the same moment take theta = 60 degrees

    This is my solution


    which comes out to 73.9 N*M counter clockwise in the Z

    For part B
    [tex]73.9=Fd[/tex] with d = 0.9
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    You're almost there, good work. For part A, the magnitude of the moment is correct, but you said it was counterclockwise. It's actually a clockwise moment, with its direction pointing inward into the page along the z axis.
    for part B, again your solution for the magnitude of the Force is correct, but you've got to specify the direction of that force (left or right?) to give the same direction of moment as was determined in part A.
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    Clockwise is negative and CCW is positive. got it!
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