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Homework Help: STATICS truss/ math equation - joint by joint

  1. Jul 10, 2012 #1
    studying for my test, I have a truss joint equation with 2 variables

    ƩFx = 0 : 4/15 (15kN) - 10/10.44(Fbd) - 4/5(Fbe) = 0

    12 = .957(Fbd) + .8(Fbe)

    ƩFy= 0 : 3/5 (15kN) - 6kN - 3/10.44(Fbd) + 3/5(Fbe) = 0

    6 = 9 -.287(Fbd) + .6(Fbe)
    -3 = .287(Fbd) + .6(Fbe)

    this is where I'm stuck. I'm unsure what math move to make next to solve Fbd or Fbe.

    I'm unsure, any help would be appreciated
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    First correct your 2nd equation plus and minus signs. You can then solve for one unknown in terms of the other in the first equation and substitute the result into the 2nd equation to solve for the unknowns.
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