Statistical use of the normal distribution problems

In summary, A student is seeking help with questions 11, 12, and 13 on a practice paper. They have already read the material and received an answer for question 13, but are unsure if it is correct. They are asked to provide their work and post their doubts in a more concise manner. The questions pertain to the statistical use of the normal distribution.
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This attachment is a practice paper I am doing. I know how to do everything except for questions 11, 12 and 13 so I would appreciate it if someone could please show me the process for working them out. thanks in advance.


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It is quite a lengthy document. Perhaps you can show some of your thoughts, and post your doubts in a more concise manner?
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Those three problems are related to the statistical use of the normal distribution. Have you had that material already?
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Yes I have read the material. The answer I just got for question 13 was 429 grams. Is that correct?
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Where's your work? All I see are answers.

What is the normal distribution?

The normal distribution is a statistical concept that describes the spread of data around a central average value. It is also known as the Gaussian distribution or bell curve due to its characteristic shape.

What is the significance of the normal distribution in statistics?

The normal distribution is significant because many real-world phenomena can be modeled using this distribution. It allows for easy interpretation and analysis of data, making it a fundamental tool in statistical analysis.

How is the normal distribution used in hypothesis testing?

The normal distribution is used in hypothesis testing to determine the probability of obtaining a specific sample mean or proportion. It is also used to calculate critical values and confidence intervals for hypothesis tests.

What is the Central Limit Theorem and how does it relate to the normal distribution?

The Central Limit Theorem states that as sample size increases, the sampling distribution of the sample mean becomes approximately normal. This means that regardless of the underlying distribution of the population, the distribution of sample means will approach a normal distribution. This is why the normal distribution is often used in statistical inference.

What are some common applications of the normal distribution in real life?

The normal distribution has many real-life applications, such as in quality control, risk management, and finance. It is also used in psychology and social sciences to model human behavior and in natural sciences to describe physical phenomena. It is also commonly used in medical research and drug development.

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