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Statistics of carriers in semiconductors

  1. May 30, 2014 #1
    there are two type of charge carrier in semiconductor , one is electron which carry negative charge and other is hole which carry negative charge , electron meet with hole and they recombine ,

    Q1 what is carrier transport

    Q2 what is carrier statistics in semiconductor
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    Simon Bridge

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    Those are good questions - to help me help you with them, please tell me how you are thinking about them.
    Have a go answering the questions to the best of your ability, remembering that you can look them up online.
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    carrier transport mans motion of charge carrier in semiconductor

    I don't know about carrier statics in semiconductor
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    A hole carries positive charge, not negative.

    The motion of the two charge carriers.


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    Fermi-Dirac and Fermi-level are different or same thing
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    Simon Bridge

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    Fermi and Dirac are two people from history.
    Fermi-level is an energy that is named after one of them.
    Fermi-Dirac statistics are a kind of statistics that you can look up online and in your course notes which is named after the people.
    Short answer: different.
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