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Steam jet refrigeration , mini project

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    im from India , in my third year of B.E. Mech degree .. course... and my group is planning to do steam jet refrigeration system...as a MINI PROJECT ( Design And Fabrication Project in the syllabus)..
    the components of the project are -
    1. boiler
    2. steam nozzle
    3. thermocompressor
    4. flash chamber
    5. condenser
    6. pump

    we know the working of the system ... and the theory is also familiar though not so thoroughly

    our aim is to provide air conditioning (comfort) and to drop the temp of water by few degrees..

    First question .. is that . Will this project be feasible for my level of education...
    and are thermocompressors.. easy to design ... and what will be the cost for them...??

    i need help... please do reply.. my refrigeration lecturer suggested the project but we doubt its feasibility..

    what pressure ranges can be achievable for a small system for few degrees drop in temperature??
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    Sounds to me like you are designing a steam jet ejector. See the link below for help.

    http://www.croll.com/_website/pr/vetheory.asp [Broken]

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    anytime I hear people asking about steam stuff with no practicle experience, I cringe.
    power steam is deadly at best. A small leak can remove fingers, arms, legs, and peel the hide and flesh off of your body. IN MOMENTS! many gov'ts have VERY strict inspection requirements for just heat boilers, let alone power ones. I've been involved in steam locomotive restoration and operation, so have a pretty good basic knowledge of the stuff. Steam is not a good low buck, first level project for most applications. people can die, or worse

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    Yes, dr dodge, I agree.

    Always make sure to follow the ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) rules and regulations for boilers and pressure vessels.

    He did say that they are not proceeding with the project.

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