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Straight Pipe with many holes air consumption?

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    I need a formula! Please help!

    Imagine a 9' long 1"IDx1.25"OD pipe. Along the length of this pipe there are a couple hundred ∅1/16 holes. If I'm feeding 60PSI into the pipe, what is my air pressure coming out of the little holes? And how do I find out the CFM the pipe is consuming? Please help!
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    You need to provide more information on how these holes are setup. Are they setup in a straight line. Do you have a set of holes circling the pipe, or is it random. If its random it not going to be possible to derive an equation. You will need to use an FEA program.

    Also, with hundreds of holes, and I'm assuming the pipe is straight. There probably will be very little to no air flow at the end of the pipe. If you taper the pipe different story.
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    Usually, and it should be no different in this situation, the pressure outside the little holes would be taken as atmospheric pressure, that is if the pipe is discharging into the atmosphere.
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