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Homework Help: Strainers- Do they possess problems too?

  1. Jun 26, 2013 #1
    I really need huge help on this. I have been suggested analyzing industrial stariners as a final year mechanical engg. project. However my project would require finding out existing problem/s in the element under analyses and I am not able to find any single problem (i.e. huge enough for a project) that i can give a solution to as an engineer. So please help.
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    Where have you looked so far? What companies manufacture such systems? From reading at their websites, do they list "features" that suggest they have had to overcome problems?
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    The only problem i found out so far from most strainers is their cleaning. However there are already online strainers, the ones that can be cleaned while under operation, and some automatically cleaning strainers as well. I am doubtful if this would be an area huge enough to explore.
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    Ritz_physics, you may have underestimated the field that was suggested for your analysis project. When I used these search terms in Google: "automatic strainer self cleaning" I found many different types of filters and strainers in many different applications. There must be areas for improved systems and for innovative solutions yet to be discovered. Furthermore, it's clear there is a large market for these products because there are so many large corporations designing, manufacturing, and selling them. Perhaps you could speak with your professor who suggested the analysis and ask for some clarification and or guidance for your project.
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    Actually i was suggested this project by a person who is a manufacturer of strainers. I will speak with him regarding the possible developments in this field. Thanks a lot Sir! You really boosted my confidence.
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