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Stratified Thermal Energy Storage

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    I'm new to message..

    I have a project about stratifed thermal energy storage...

    Are there anyone that can help me to guide or give resources about this subject.?

    In my project: heat is stored in stratified way: there is a thermal layer between hot and cold water.

    Anyone who knows about subject of the project can help me although he/she knows specific subject about this subject.

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    You'll have to be much more specific than that for us to be able to help you.
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    Much more specific... Hımm...

    My energy storage container is like the storages in the CHP's or in solar heating/cooling systems according to my investigation results..

    The hot water is given from the top of the container and at that time cold water is taken from the bottom part of the container. The important thing is to satisfy a thermal layer where heat and cold mixes little forming a layer (thermally) and prevent hot/cold water mix together at all of the storage.

    My purpose of the project is simply design this type of storage (not PCM, not chemical reaction!)...

    The boundary conditions of my design is also simple: Capacity of the storage is 1,4 MJ and its charge/decharge power is 1 MW. The input water temperatur e is 70 Degrees Celcius and Output water degree is: 40 degress Celcius..

    Wanna any more information to help me???

    Please send me any information that can help me for my design.. I do not fail to pass the class... :(

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    Ok, well, specifications are a good start. Have you done any calculations on flow rates and volumes required for that kind of capacity?

    I don't know how in depth the project is supposed to be, but a google turns up some serious papers on the subject. Here are a bunch: http://www.engr.psu.edu/AE/faculty/bahnfleth/publications/thermal_energy.asp [Broken]
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    I don't know if it is tru or not: the required volume is: 20 m3 and the flow rate is 20 m3/26 minutes... But I wanr you I'm not sure about the results.

    Thanx for the reference that you gave:russ_watters... Anyone who can send me resources that he/she has or sends me link???

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    Also it must be known that the system must work under 25 bar pressure.. May be this makes the work hard.
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