What is Storage: Definition and 256 Discussions

CONFIG.SYS is the primary configuration file for the DOS and OS/2 operating systems. It is a special ASCII text file that contains user-accessible setup or configuration directives evaluated by the operating system's DOS BIOS (typically residing in IBMBIO.COM or IO.SYS) during boot. CONFIG.SYS was introduced with DOS 2.0.

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  1. H

    Seagate SSD fails at end of large transfer

    The standalone Seagate SSD that I got for backup failed completely toward the end of a massive transfer. Fortunately almost everything I valued was still available elsewhere. I bought a Seagate hard drive to replace it.
  2. M

    I Energy and sand batteries (thermal energy storage)

    Hi, I'm new here, so apologies if this is covered somewhere else. I'm just playing with the notion of building a sand battery. Sand has a spec heat cap. of 830j/kg degrees K. If I want to heat 1000kg of sand up to 400 deg c, by my rough calculations that will require 332 000 Kj of energy, or...
  3. D

    A Heat exchange in a thermal storage based on phase change materials

    Hello, I want to model a thermal battery based on phase change materials (PCM). It is a plate heat exchanger immersed in a PCM bath. The diagram is given in the attached file. I want to determine the temperature at each moment and from everywhere in the battery. The hypotheses are the...
  4. S

    Using a Jar for vacuum storage

    I am wanting to start powder coating small items on my projects I am always working on around the house. To keep the small quantities of powder paint useable for as long as possible, I had thought about storing the paint in zip lock bags inside of a mason jar. I would install a rubber tire...
  5. MajorJinxs

    I Question: To use or not to use? (heating bricks for energy storage)

    I have a Hicks hot water stove that has a Cast Iron fire box. I am looking for Clay bricks or Something like it to retain more heat to hold over night inside the fire box. But i am need help with the difference in materials as far as heat retention per brick for longer holding time. Hicks hot...
  6. D

    Quantum computer storage capacity

    I have a question regarding the storage capacity of quantum computers. I read that 32 qubits (4 "quantum bytes" if you will - not sure if that's an actual term or not yet) can store the equivalent of 500mb of data. Is this directly proportional? I.e., would 8 qubits store the equivalent of...
  7. camerart

    Maximizing Heat Storage in Water: Photovoltaic vs Radiator

    Hi, I'm going to make a comparison test between Photovoltaic solar panels and the radiator type. I intend to store all heat with an insulated water tank. Many years ago, I heard about water bottles in a green house with some kind of salts in the water, which allowed the water to store more...
  8. shivajikobardan

    Unlocking the Potential of Electric Vehicle Energy Storage: Exploring V2G

    How can electric vehicle deliver energy to grid? This is the one of the few block diagrams that I could see in google. Do you have better one or can you explain this one? If I am not wrong. V2G is basically giving excess charge in your EV back to the grid.
  9. P

    I Compressed gas energy storage formula

    Hi, I’m looking for formula to find the energy stored in a compressed gas for non ideal gases, for example, argon. The formula should also include the thermal energy caused by compression. Thank you in advance.
  10. A

    Chernobyl loses power, spent fuel storage question #Ukraine

    So the news are in that for whatever reason the electricity to the plant has been shut down. Now given the reactor have been long stopped there is no danger I would assume to the plant as such but the question is about the spent fuel assemblies that are still on site...
  11. D

    Data storage using microtubules?

    Can the microtubule, due to its symmetry and conservation laws (Noether’s theorem), be a good candidate for data storage?
  12. H

    World Data Storage: How Much Did 2TB Equal in the Past?

    I bought a thing the size of a pack of cigarettes that holds 2 terabytes. My question is, in what year was the total electronic data storage of the entire world equal to 2 terabytes?
  13. Danimal

    Potential Energy Storage: Investigating the Mechanics of a Heavy Weight Drop

    I read about a proposal for storing potential energy by hoisting heavy weights that can be dropped when needed to generate electric power. So using the numbers from a hydraulic turbine from Hoover dam, how heavy would a hanging weight have to be to generate 178,000 horsepower as it descended...
  14. dlgoff

    Generac PWRcell energy storage system

    I'm curious about the ads I've been seeing on TV about these Energy Storage Systems. Anyone have any knowledge about them? image from https://sunwatts.com/20-2-kwh-generac-pwrcell-energy-storage-system/ Thanks in advance
  15. P

    B Cryogenic storage dewars and EM waves

    I was researching cryogenic storage dewars and read that, "All dewars have walls constructed from two or more layers, with a high vacuum maintained between the layers. This provides very good thermal insulation between the interior and exterior of the dewar, which reduces the rate at which the...
  16. Amir Sedieqy

    Expansion Joint Connection to storage tank

    Hello, In a piping system connected to the outlet of an crude oil tank, process man has located the expansion joint after the valve which is connected to tank's nozzle. Since this expansion joint is located after the valve, it must be able to withstand the design pressure of the piping system...
  17. M

    How could Amazon Web Services interface with battery storage?

    Hi, So this is a purposely abstract question and no specific details of the battery have been provided. I was wondering what type of AWS service would be appropriate to send signals to a battery (to release or store electricity)? I was looking around on the website and couldn't quite figure out...
  18. M

    Engineering Circuit theory: capacitor energy storage and discharging/charging times?

    This is not my homework. I took it upon myself to answer a textbook question for mental stimulation. I wanted to know if someone can verify if these were the correct values that needed to be solved for, process, and final answer, and if not, what needed to be considered. For the initial...
  19. Ameen1985

    Design a compressed air energy storage for a PV plant

    Summary:: Design compressed air energy storage for PV plant [Mentor Note -- Thread moved from a technical forum, so no Homework Template is shown] Hi All For a PV project of 5 kW, we will use a CAES. The preliminary design will consist of a compressor - 2 heat exchanger - Air receiver - air...
  20. M

    Using Tablets & Phones instead of a PC for data storage

    My view of tablets and phones is that they are "companion" devices and are not a suitable replacement of a computer. They are there to help you perform certain tasks which you would previously have had to use a computer for and are generally very good at it but are still limited. They are there...
  21. S

    Upright Storage of Tiny Screws Using Magnetism

    It's a long story, but I'm in the process of taking apart 100s of laptops involving 1000s of laptop screws. I'm trying to come up with ways to take the screw off the drill bit, keep it upright, and then weaken the bond enough so the drill bit will pick up again- to put the screw back. Right...
  22. P

    Calculating Bricks for Winter Overnight Heat Storage in Stove

    Please see if you agree with how I am calculating the number of bricks required to reduce cooling off of my house overnight in the winter when I'm not there (sleeping) to feed logs into the stove. The estimated weight of each log that I would normally be burning in my stove is 8.6 pounds...
  23. M

    PHES model (pumped hydro energy storage)

    Hello! I am trying to model a small pumped hydro energy storage system, with two closed reservoirs (upper and lower). However, I am assuming here that I only know the volume of both reservoirs, the penstock diameter and length, the height difference between both reservoirs, and the turbine...
  24. didaw

    Calculate the force on the side of this water storage box

    Area = 1 x 0.5= 0.5 1st moment of area = 0.5 x (0.5/2) = 0.125 m total force = p x g x 1 moment = 1000 x 9.81 x 0.125 = 1226.25N Force = 1226.25 im pretty sure all that is right i think the second moment = Ix = bh^3 / 3 = 1 x 0.5^3 / 3 = 0.0416 then 2nd moment of area / 1st moment of area...
  25. E

    Heat Storage Capacity of CO2 molecules

    I am a science hobbyist and working on a paper to illustrate the impact of CO2 on Global Warming. Question – What is the Storage Capacity in joules, of one molecule of CO2 @ 20c/68f/293k. In other words, what is the maximum amount of IR energy that one molecule of CO2 can store at this...
  26. B

    Calculating Hydrogen Mass Storage in Compressed Vessels

    Hello all; I am looking for an equation for calculating mass storage of Hydrogen in compressed vessels I have fount the following link (https://nanosun.co.uk/hydrogen-tools) which provides what i need but would like to create something similar for internal use Can you suggest an approach to...
  27. M

    Heat transfer - will my lipstick formula melt in the storage package?

    Hi, I am a makeup formulator and need to make a lipstick that would be stable at 50ºC. The stability is tested in a chamber with an inner temperature of 50ºC. The lipstick is in a plastic packaging - a regular one that can be seen in any store. The question is: Will the temperature of the...
  28. R

    Biogas or solar heat storage cooker for rural villages?

    Hello everyone, For villages in Africa and Asia that still use wood, dung or other biomass in simple stoves which option do you think will be better? Concentrate solar energy into an insulated unit with a molten salt which can then be used at any time or build a simple biogas generator (large...
  29. Orn

    Fabricating a storage room inside a large warhouse

    I am wanting to fabricate a storage room inside a large warehouse. The room will be 46 feet wide x 74 feet long x 10 foot ceiling. We will store tooling inside this room. I have the HVAC, dehumidifier, pedestrian doors and rollup door figured out, but here is my problem: The ceiling joists of...
  30. nomadreid

    Storage of material from CD's and DVD's: cloud?

    The question is from a friend of mine who is computer-incompetent; I am only computer literate on a daily-citizen level (can follow instructions from software but never learned to read or write code). Although I cannot sit down at his computer with him (he lives in the US, about 11000 km from...
  31. K

    What is the smell from the new plastic storage box

    It's a tool storage box, probably made of PP (According to the label) When its lid opened, quite an obvious (but not very strong) smell coming out ,what it could be? vaporized form of plastic?
  32. H

    A Using atoms for information storage

    If this is not in the correct area please move it as I am not sure. Also the same with the prefix. I have searched this on the forum and could not find anything relating to it. https://phys.org/news/2018-09-scientists-mechanism-storage-atom.html
  33. Gregs6799

    Hinged Water Storage Tank -- Calculate the force on one side

    Homework Statement A hinged water storage is shown below. Its top side is denoted as C, the narrow side as B and the long side as A. Assume water density is 1000 kg/m3 and gravity is 9.81 m/s2 Side A is hinged at the bottom edge and secured using a clasp at its top edge. Dimensions are: L =...
  34. M

    Superconducting Magnetic Energy Storage (SMES)

    I cam across SMES (Superconducting Magnetic Energy Storage) while researching superconducting and had a few questions I'm hoping to have answered. 1. I have read that SMES devices are primary used in the event for short interruptions in power, and aiding in efficiency in the power grid. Can a...
  35. HumanistEngineer

    A 1D Convection Diffusion Equation - Inlet Mixing Effect

    I have a working Matlab code solving the 1D convection-diffusion equation to model sensible stratified storage tank by use of Crank-Nicolson scheme (without εeff in the below equation). As indicated by Zurigat et al; there is an additional mixing effect having a hyperbolic decaying form...
  36. BillTre

    An Ammonia Economy for Energy Transport and Storage

    With a new fuel cell to make ammonia from nitrogen and water (producing oxygen as a side product), Australian researchers are hoping to develop an efficient carbon-free way to store and transport energy from sources like solar panels and wind generators. Ammonia's: Longish Science mag news...
  37. dRic2

    Cloud storage vs physical memory

    Hi, I need more memory (not to much though... 50GB should be fine for now), but I don't know whether to buy an external hard drive or try cloud storage. I'm pretty dumb when it comes to computers and related stuff so I'd like to hear some suggestions. Thanks Ric
  38. Wrichik Basu

    Best online free photo storage option?

    I was comparing online photo storage options. I mostly use Google photos, but Google account has only 15GB of free storage. Moreover, after Picasa web albums was discontinued, embedding photos has become a problem too. Can you recommend me sites where I can store unlimited number of photos...
  39. P

    What is the result of connecting two identical storage batteries?

    Homework Statement Number 9 page 38 Sterling What is the result of connecting two identical storage batteries in parallel in a circuit?[/B]Homework Equations Q/V=C V=I R The Attempt at a Solution The solution is that the voltage is the same but twice the total charge compared to the Circuit...
  40. M

    USB 2.0 vs. USB 3.0: Speed Comparison for Flash Memories and External HDDs

    In flash memories or external HDDs there is a distinction as usb 2 or usb 3. USB 3.0 is faster than USB 2.0 in such devices. But what about the situation for SDD drives? Does this distinction apply to them, too? Thank you.
  41. R

    Does magnetic energy storage with iron cores result in greater energy recovery?

    Hi - On this forum, dgreenheck on May 20, 2013 touched on this area. I will post my question in this manner: Say one has a solenoid with a given number of turns; if the core is air, we know that if we run 10 amps through the circuit, the energy to charge a magnetic field to "B" Tesla is...
  42. L

    Exploring Energy Storage Combinations & Optimal Control Schemes

    I'm currently working on combining energy storage systems like flywheels and batteries to balance consumption/regeneration. I've been looking at using an optimal control scheme so that a cost function can be tailored to our wishes. I'm curious about what other people in this field have been...
  43. physea

    Methods of rotational energy harvesting and storage

    Hello! What are the available methods to harvest rotational energy? I was thinking to put a turbine on the shaft and compress air, but the air will get cold and the energy will be lost. I was thinking to put an electric generator, which is ok but it needs a battery. I was thinking to use...
  44. physea

    I Pneumatic/hydraulic energy storage

    Hello! Are there any systems that you can store rotational energy into pneumatic or hydraulic energy? Let's say we have a rotational shaft. How can I take energy from it and store it as pneumatic or hydraulic energy? And then re-use it?
  45. I

    Compressed Air Energy Storage System

    Homework Statement I have a CAES system that takes air at a pressure of 102.2kPa and temp of 24 degrees C. It is compressed to 85 bar adiabatically at a rate of 168 kg/s. I know that Cp = 1.005 kJ/kgK and Cv = 0.718 kJ/kgK. The question is - determine the amount of work consumed by the...
  46. F

    Thickening of Gasoline upon long term storage

    Once I had stored Petrol (Gasoline) in a airtight 1 liter plastic container for 6-8 months. When I opened the container, Gasoline had become a thick brown gel. Is it reusable ? Is it still Gasoline or it has become something else ? Thx
  47. N

    Installing Chemical Storage Tank: Pressure of Liquid or Gas?

    Hello Forum, I'm looking to install a new chemical storage tank at my site. The tank itself is not rated for vacuum. We will have proper ventilation and nitrogen pumping into the tank to compensate when we are pumping out of the bottom. However, I do want to include a pressure transmitter on...
  48. H

    Water heater - storage or tankless

    Hi all, I'm thinking of buying a new water heater, and still confused to choose between storage water heater vs demand water heater (tankless). Can anybody give me the pros and cons of each? what I have so far: 1. Tankless consumes more power, and the longer you shower, the more it consumes...
  49. A

    Fluid Dynamics - Water Storage Tank

    Hi All, Looking for some help (any is greatly appreciated). I've been tasked with the below, and am unable to find a worked example to cross check my work against. If anyone with a greater knowledge than me could have a look at the below and advise if I'm right the right track. Thanks 1...
  50. R

    Mechanical energy to kinetic energy storage....?

    Can there be a system that utilizes mechanical energy to produce kinetic energy, but "storing" the mechanical energy to be used at a different time for kinetic energy? Like a bike where you pedal but don't move; that mechanical energy is waiting to be "released" by some mechanism *** exclude...