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  1. nomadreid

    Storage of material from CD's and DVD's: cloud?

    The question is from a friend of mine who is computer-incompetent; I am only computer literate on a daily-citizen level (can follow instructions from software but never learned to read or write code). Although I cannot sit down at his computer with him (he lives in the US, about 11000 km from...
  2. HumanistEngineer

    A 1D Convection Diffusion Equation - Inlet Mixing Effect

    I have a working Matlab code solving the 1D convection-diffusion equation to model sensible stratified storage tank by use of Crank-Nicolson scheme (without εeff in the below equation). As indicated by Zurigat et al; there is an additional mixing effect having a hyperbolic decaying form...
  3. M

    USB 2.0 vs. USB 3.0

    In flash memories or external HDDs there is a distinction as usb 2 or usb 3. USB 3.0 is faster than USB 2.0 in such devices. But what about the situation for SDD drives? Does this distinction apply to them, too? Thank you.
  4. S

    Semantics of "Can we store electricity?"

    I am working on "electrical energy" storage and I want to know why exactly can't we store "electricity" from a power plant. My understanding is that "electrical energy" storage actually refers to the conversion of electricity to other forms of potential energy (such as mechanical eg: dam, or...
  5. A

    Temporary high-pressure Hydrogen storage?

    I've been looking into compressed Hydrogen storage, and it seems that the high pressure containers have a lot of layers on the inside to keep the Hydrogen from leaking out/diffusing over the lifetime. However now I'm curious as to whether you could use a tank to store high-pressure Hydrogen (in...
  6. naiasetvolo

    Why do we want to know how much a charge can be stored /V?

    Why do we want to know how much a charge can be stored per volt? What has the voltage to do with the storage of charge in a capacitor?