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Automotive Calculation of energy storage system for PEV

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    My teacher asked that i should design a efficient energy storage system for a plug-in electric vehicle. I have no idea how i can use some equations for designing this type of car.
    The requirements are in below;

    Test cycle range: 140 miles
    Test cycle energy: 260Wh/mile at the output of the energy storage system
    Traction inverter(s) supply: 500-600VDC
    Continuous power: 60kW
    10 second power: 400kW
    30 second power: 150kW
    Design life: 10 years minimum

    I know that P=I.V but i do not know how i should continue for designing a efficient energy storage system.
    If anyone helps me, i will feel proud.

    Zeynep Karaalioglu
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    You can determine the energy storage and the power delivery requirements of the system from the data in your post. If you can't do that, you need more basic education before you start.

    Then use Wikipedia to look up the characteristics of several kinds of batteries and compete them with your requirements. How big will the batteries be? How much will they weigh?

    Those are the first steps. efficiency comes later.

    Designing an efficient system is a job for a big team of engineers. It sounds to big to be a student project. Perhaps that is what the professor expects you to discover.
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