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Strengthening In Aluminum Alloys

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    Hi everyone!

    I have a question about mechanical properties of the materials. As I understand, when in metals microstructure the grains size decreases, the mechanical properties increases, specially metals strengthening.
    But I have a discussion with one Prof. who says that this is a minor eefect in Al alloys as compare to the steels. In Al only an Orowan mechanism works. In this mechanism, the dislocation bends between the particles leaving a dislocation ring about each particle.

    Is he right? Anyone can help me to find the strengthening mechanism in metals.

    Thanks a lot.
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    Your understanding is correct; grain size influences yield strength. (Anything that impedes dislocation motion in ductile polycrystalline materials increases strength.) However, perhaps your professor is saying that in a particular alloy, particle strengthening is so effective that changing grain size has little effect. Do you know what alloy he or she had in mind?
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    He means all kinds of aluminium as compare to steel where grain size have a big influence to its mechanical properties.
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    Your professor must be nuts! When grains get down to the sub-micron level grain size most certainly will effect yielding. Dislocation pileup is a real effect and has been observed on TEM. Making blanket statements like that in Material Science is wrong!

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    Modey3, Thanks, I got this book and seems very good with good theories and their explaining.
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