What is Tuning: Definition and 136 Discussions

In music, there are two common meanings for tuning:

Tuning practice, the act of tuning an instrument or voice.
Tuning systems, the various systems of pitches used to tune an instrument, and their theoretical bases.

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  1. f95toli

    Why do I think (guitar) G-strings sound out-of-tune?

    Does anyone else experience this? I've played the guitar for a few years. A somewhat annoying thing is that to me, open G strings always sounds like they are somewhat out of tune. Fortunately, fretted notes sound OK, I only have this problem with the open string. Please note that this is not a...
  2. C

    Speed of sound from resonant length of tube vs tuning fork wavelengths

    The graph is, I do not understand why how it is possible to find the speed of sound from the gradient for this graph. Can someone please help? Many thanks!
  3. A

    Beat frequency heard from two tuning forks

    Is my solution correct? I used v=lambda*f, i.e. f=v/lambda to get the frequency for each wave. Then I calculated the average of the frequencies to get 258Hz and found the beat frequency by doing f1-f2 to get 4Hz. I then said that this means the observer will hear a tone of frequency 258Hz which...
  4. Ahmed1029

    Sonometers, tuning forks, and wave periodicity

    Summary: Cofnusion regarding waves on a sonometer band A tuning fork is used to determine the wave frequency of a sonometer(according to my understanding), so whay about pulse waves? Does a pulse have a wave frequency? Couldn't a pulse travel over the sonometer band that can be determined by a...
  5. K

    I Help Designing a Resonance Box for Tuning Forks

    I got these tuning forks from someone. However, I do not have the resonant box for amplification of the sound. I decided to get it made so that I can experience the fundamental frequency (and other harmonics) more clearly. I am planning to provide this design. In summary, the box would be...
  6. Twigg

    Tuning a PID with extraneous noise on the error signal

    Hi all! Forgive the sloppiness of this post, I'm on the road. Suppose you have a servo loop to stabilize parameter X. The issue is, when you measure X, you introduce some measurement error (let's say its white noise for the sake of argument). The noise causes a potential problem: since the...
  7. Will26040

    Engineering Tuning Rules for Lag Dominated FOPDT (first-order plus deadtime) model

    I am trying to find an alternative tuning rule for use with the transfer function specified. Please could someone help by pointing me in the right direction, thanks. Process transfer function: ## \frac {27e^{-3s}} {30s+1} ## Also, am I right in thinking that this process transfer function is...
  8. PainterGuy

    Tuning fork frequency equation

    Hi, I was trying to see how the frequency equation for a tuning fork is derived. It looks like it's based on the equation of cantilevered beam. In other words, I'd say that historically the equation for a tuning fork was derived somewhat in a similar fashion as was done for a cantilevered beam...
  9. C

    Standing Waves Homework: A Tuning Fork, a String and a Hanging Mass

    Hi guys, so I am struggling on the Standing Waves concept. I understand that these are waves that move in place but I don't know how to attempt this problem. Can someone set me on the right track?
  10. M

    Marimba bar tuning and temperature

    Hi all. I make marimbas - www.marimbaaustralia.com - have a look. I also invent new versions for schools. I DO NOT KNOW algebra almost at all, so go easy on me please! I try to tune to exact Fundamental note frequency (and the first overtone as well, if possible). I also try to tune when it is...
  11. J

    I Fine tuning and the multiverse

    Hi New to this forum. I am not a physics student but someone with an interest in aspects of physics, particularly cosmology. This is a question regarding fine tuning and the multiverse as a possible answer. The following is a link to a Youtube video in the Closer to Truth series, and the...
  12. T

    How Does the Cosmological Constant Change with the Expansion of the Universe?

    Homework Statement Suppose (incorrectly) that H scales as temperature squared all the way back until the time when the temperature of the universe was 1019 GeV/kB (i.e., suppose the universe was radiation dominated all the way back to the Planck time). Also suppose that today the dark energy...
  13. Greg Bernhardt

    Insights Interview with Niels Tuning, LHCb Run Coordinator - Comments

    Greg Bernhardt submitted a new PF Insights post Interview with Niels Tuning, LHCb Run Coordinator Continue reading the Original PF Insights Post.
  14. T

    Tuning Fork Crystal question

    I would like to understand the reason that tuning fork crystals have the negative parabolic temperature coefficient shape. Is it the material, the crystal cut or how its mounted. What is the physics behind that. Thank you
  15. EF17xx

    Tuning fork standing wave in a water pipe

    Homework Statement The question is as follows: The distance between the two positions of maximum loudness is x What is the wavelength of the sound emitted by the tuning fork ? A. x/2 B. x C. 3x/2 D. 2x the correct answer is answer D. Homework Equations Pipe with two ends open λn=...
  16. Cruzo

    PID tuning of hydraulic drives with high inertia

    Hi there. I have a question about the tuning of a PID (PI) controller in hydraulic drive trains with high inertia. I have a system with a 100kW hydraulic motor with an installed on its shaft encoder. That is how I am getting feedback from it. Not surprisingly I have a controller for acquisition...
  17. brainbaby

    Discussing Stagger tuning in VHF receivers....

    Hi Friends and Happy new year to all, It confused me as I see two different statement yet explaining same thing….. First para *in highlight states that stagger tuning of two single tuned circuits stagger to the amount equal to their bandwidth reduce the total voltage amplification of the...
  18. F

    I Is fine tuning maximized complexity?

    It is often argued that the constants of nature are so finely tuned for life, that the slightest change to them would disallow life. Is this the same as saying that they are what is required to maximize complexity in the world?
  19. S

    Tuning for force tracking in MR (Magneto-Rheological) dampers

    I already create MR damper modelling by using non-parametric linearised data driven (NPLDD) double input model. The hysteresis curve behavior is 99.9% followed as per experimental data, Figure below: Then, by using this model, I had created closed loop model for force tracking control. The...
  20. H

    How to find the wavelength of the sound of the tuning fork?

    Homework Statement 1) find the wavelength of the sound of the tuning fork (cm) 2) what's the vertical distance x from the top of the pipe to the antinode above the pipe (cm) 3) find the frequency of the tuning fork (Hz) Homework Equations velocity = wavelength . frequency for pipe closed at...
  21. Const@ntine

    Tuning a Violin's Chord (Frequencies)

    Homework Statement A violin's chord has a length of 0.350 meters, and is tuned to the sound of the note Sol, with a frequency of fG = 392 Hz. a) How far from the edge of the chord does the violinist need to place his hand, in order to play a note La, with a frequency of fA= 440 Hz? b) If...
  22. G

    Guitar Strings & Tuning Forks: Investigating Beats

    Homework Statement A guitar string with 0.60 m and 0.012 of mass vibrates with frequencies that are multiples of 109 Hz. Approaching to the string a tuning fork of 440 Hz we verify beats between the sound signals of the string and the tuning fork. Calculate the time interval between consecutive...
  23. Beans56

    I Life permitting ranges for fine tuning constants

    Does anyone know What the life permitting ranges for the constants usually mentioned in the Fine Tuning argument are? i.e. h, G, e, rate of expansion, amount of dark matter ect... My thinking is that if they are just kind of randomly placed inside their respective ranges then that would indicate...
  24. L

    Resonance box with tuning fork, standing wave

    Homework Statement There is a resonance box with one end cloesd and the other end open. The box reinforces the sound of the tuning fork. That sound has frequency of 440 Hz sound velocity is 340 m/s a.) What is the basis of the phenomenon in question? b.) define the shortest possible length of...
  25. N

    B Fine Tuning Constants: Understanding Variables and Ratios | Physics NIST

    This isn't a question about whether the universe is fine tuned or not. Which is more of a philosophical issue than a physics one. This is whether anyone on here knows of the variables involved from the following http://physics.nist.gov/cuu/Constants/Table/allascii.txt in the "fine tuning"...
  26. harini07

    What Is the Frequency of Tuning Fork B When Tuned with Wax If A Is 212 Hz?

    Homework Statement 2 tuning forks A and B, when sounded together produce 4 beats. when B is loaded with wax, the beat frequency remains same. if frequency of A is 212 Hz, then frequency of B is? Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution since the beat frequency is 4 and frequency of A is...
  27. C

    Let's talk NVH/Exhaust acoustics tuning

    To start let's make a goal. The goal is to figure out what causes the difference in sound to the Maserati Granturismo motor a 4.2 cross plane v8 with a higher pitched and more growl exhaust note... vs ... The base C7 corvette v8 which is a 6.2 cross plane v8 which is has a harsh thumper...
  28. K

    I LHC run 2, does Supersymmetry worsen hierarchy fine tuning

    post-LHC run 2, does Supersymmetry worsen hierarchy fine tuning? according to what most theorists argument, the SM has a hierarchy fine tuning in the Higgs sector based on naturalness. The proposed solution to this problem is supersymmetry. post-LHC run 2, no SUSY partners and no hints of SUSY...
  29. synMehdi

    Automotive Formula 1 Traction Control tuning

    Hello, I'm a mechanical engineering student and I'm working in traction control for Formula 1 cars. The traction control in the cars is simple, too simple: an engine cut is done when the engine is at a certain RPM and slip value. A matrix of four values of RPM and slip has to be provided to...
  30. Seth Allen

    Other Gas Turbine Tuning and Control Job - How & Where

    Hello all! I am going out on a limb here looking for information as I am unable to find the answers scouring the internet. Essentially I want to know how a person would go about getting a job working with Gas Turbine Tuning and Controls? I've got an engineering background, lots of gas turbine...
  31. uzi kiko

    Impedance matching and tuning of RF coil

    Hi everybody. I am trying to understand the concept of impedance matching and tuning of RF coil. As far as I understand there are 2 stages: At the first stage I should match the coil to the source (Let's say with L network method) and the second stage is to tune coil to the desirable frequency...
  32. uzi kiko

    Impedance matching and tuning RF coil

    Hi everybody. I am trying to understand the concept of impedance matching and tuning of RF coil. As far as I understand there are 2 stages: At the first stage I should match the coil to the source (Let's say with L network method) and the second stage is to tune coil to the desirable...
  33. P

    Fine tuning, muitverse and a double standard

    I just watched a talk from George Ellis about cosmology. I believe there is a serious double standard implied in it. He says (A) the universe is fine tuned for life. Change one of the constants of nature like the mass of the electron and you won't have life in the universe. He also says...
  34. kostoglotov

    A tuning fork measured by a police radar gun

    A police radar gun emits radio waves at 10.5 GHz, and measures the beats between this frequency and the returned waves to determine the speed of an object. It registers a tuning fork as "traveling" at 24.6 m/s. What is the frequency of the tuning fork. I can get the answer, but I don't...
  35. Chrono G. Xay

    Tension (and Frequency) with Change in Temperature

    At one point I had been trying to construct an equation which would calculate the tension on a tuned string with a change in temperature (and therefore the fundamental frequency), but found my calculations were wrong. By extension, the purpose of the project was to be able to calculate what...
  36. S

    Tuning a 3 link rear suspension for aggressive exit on 1/2 mile track

    I have a Asphalt Super that has a 3 link rear suspension with coil overs. I run a flat 1/2 mile track and no matter what I do to it I can't get aggressive on exit. We are very fast and winning races but when I pick up throttle I have to roll it to a mat or it will blow the rear tires off. Entry...
  37. jegues

    Optimizing PI Controller in PLL for Fast and Accurate Frequency Detection

    Hello, I've written a program that executes the following control diagram. Now I am trying to calculate the PI controller gains such that I can achieve a settling time of 0.06s and a damping factor of 1. How can I do this? I tried sketching a control diagram of the relevant portions...
  38. L

    Engineering Tuning circuit in mobile handset system

    Studying about Communication Skills specifically about mobile handset and how do they transmit and receive signals etc. I came across this question which states "Why does a mobile phone handset have a tuning circuit for reception stage but not for transmission? The attempt at a solution I was...
  39. U

    What is the role of frequency synthesizer stages in a receiver and transmitter?

    I've checked the Internet and this forum, and while I notice the term, "tuning resolution" used in different contexts, I can't find a definition. Can anyone provide a clear and concise definition or explanation?
  40. S

    VECSEL laser tuning (question kindly reply)

    Tunable wavelength operation will prove important for many VECSEL applications. The target here will be to extend the relative wavelength tuning ranges from the currently demonstrated 3–8%, 33nm tuning near 972nm , 80nm tuning near 1980nm, and 156nmtuning near 2000nm, to the 10–15% level In...
  41. X

    Modern Cosmology: Fine Tuning Problem | Adarsh

    Hi Guys, I have just started Modern Cosmology and please don't mind if the question is too naive. I wanted to know why does the amount of dust in the Inter-Stellar Medium scale roughly nearly with its metallicity? Please advise. Sorry about the incorrect heading. I can't seem to find where to...
  42. N

    Would you hear nothing if you struck two tuning forks of the same

    Homework Statement Would you hear nothing if you struck two tuning forks of the same frequency at the same time or if you struck one some amount of seconds after the other which would result in one fork's sound wave to be exactly pi out of phase of the other?
  43. S

    Frequency of string and tuning fork

    Homework Statement can someone teach me on this question? i really don't know how to start with it. the ans is 0.38m and 4.1N Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution the working is in the second photo
  44. B

    Crystal Radios - Understanding The Tuning Mechanism

    Hello, I bought an electronics kit for my 12 year old brother (and perhaps a little for myself too...) for building a crystal radio. I would like to understand what's going on when I tune the radio, so that I can explain it to him. It's a simple setup, where changing the position of a...
  45. J

    Cosmological Constant & Fine Tuning for Life

    Hi, I have some confusion about the cosmological constant (CC). From what I have read it is to do with the energy density throughout the entire universe which is thought to drive the expansion of the universe. If the CC were any smaller then matter would not have been able to form and since the...
  46. S

    How Does Changing Water Levels Affect Air Column Resonance and Harmonics?

    The apparatus looks like this (see attached): I understand that in order to resonane with the tuning fork the air inside the column must be vibrating at the same frequency as the fork. In addition, I understand that varying the amount of water in the tube increases or decreases the...
  47. C

    Beat Frequency of tuning forks

    Homework Statement Two tuning forks, first fork has freqency of f = 273Hz. The beat frequency is 3.00Hz. What is the frequency of the second fork? Homework Equations f_{beat} = |f_1 - f_2| The Attempt at a Solution This was a question on my Physics I exam today, and my prof is...
  48. R

    Does geometry have any bearing on the fine tuning argument.

    Now I think there are arguments for the Fine Tuning of the universe. I like Martin Rees' book but I know there are others who disagree with what he said in his book (Just Six Numbers) On another forum I've got involved in a discussion on this topic and I've seen an argument that I think has no...
  49. Q

    Exploring the Concept of Cosine Tuning

    Hi, I've been listening to the podcast "Neuroscientists Talk Shop" and heard some participants repeatedly refer to something called "cosine tuning" in relation to predicting the efferent reactions to certain clusters of neurons (e.g. a simian moving in a certain way). [sorry if that's...
  50. A

    Tuning an LC circuit to a particular EM wave.

    Hello Everyone, I am making an LRC circuit by having a Coil attached to a Capacitor attached to a Light-bulb which is attached to the Coil. Provided that the radio signal (of 2000 Mhz) I'm trying to "collect" is strong enough and the coil/capacitor is properly tuned I should see the...