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Structural Engineering OR BSc physics&maths ?

  1. Nov 26, 2011 #1
    Structural Engineering OR BSc physics&maths!!!!??

    i am currently a first year student in BSc Maths and Physics at the university of malta. Ive alwyas loved maths and physics, and always have done really well in them. However my main problem is job opportunities i can have BESIDES teaching. can someone give me exampls where i can work in the financial sector, or in engineering, or research etc.

    Also, in the beginning of the semester i was actually an architecture student. However i got to know that the first year was a foundation year in which they teach you on the fundamentals of design, they teach you how to draw, design models, be creative, take pictures of landscapes. I kind of freaked out since i never had art or ever was creative, i only cared about doing maths and physics. so i ended up changing!

    However im also interested in Structural Engineering , since i heard that its like architecture but while architecture is for the artsy people, Structural Engineering is more for people who arent artistic and creative, but who like workign out analytical problems and what not. can any of you guys share what you do and if i am correct. And if im not mistaken to go into structural engineering i have to go to the architecture course and NOT the engineering course...so i would have to do the design foundation still :(

    Please help, coz im really panicking at the moment if i should change course next year or continue with maths and physics.
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    Re: Structural Engineering OR BSc physics&maths!!!!??

    Well it's very hard to give advice to someone who lives in Malta - I'm afraid there won't be many here who are familiar with the nuances of the job market there.

    However, I can say that in North America, structural engineering is a highly regarded field. There are very good job opportunities and good pay.

    For someone who has a BS in physics, there are opportunities but people with engineering degrees definitely have an easier time finding jobs. It's unfortunate but many hiring managers are unfamiliar with the skills that a physics bachelor has.
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    Re: Structural Engineering OR BSc physics&maths!!!!??

    Yes yes in malta there are opportunities for architects and structural engineers, but im not so sure on the research part.

    But are you a structural engineer yourself? because id want to know what they do on a daily basis, and what they did during their university degree? did they have to build a lot of models, did they need to be artistic and innovative? Did they do a lot of maths and physics during the course?
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