structural engineering

  1. Making STRONG shelves with Topology Optimization

    Making STRONG shelves with Topology Optimization

    A project, that's fun, educational, cool-looking and actually useful! What more could you want? We're making topology-optimized floating shelf brackets today...
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    Torsion in thin-walled members

    is T=2*q*A formuala valid for both open thin-walled and closed thin-walled members, where T is torque, q is shear flow, and A is the Area.
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    Rienforced Concrete Column Cost Optimization with Genetic Algorithm

    Hi, I'm a Civil Engineering student doing my final project for my BE degree. I have developed a software that uses a genetic algorithm for optimizing reinforced concrete columns. I have tested my program with a 17 stories building, and got some very unusual results in the design but much...
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    Calculating stress and deflection in steel plate

    Hiya, I'm been calculating stress and deflection in rectangle steel plate, I've been using two methods to see if I get the same results but i get different results. I want to confirm the methods I'm using and if I'm using them correctly. I have attached photos of my calculations, any...
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    External interdetermidiate

    1. Homework Statement In this example , the author said that we can choose either G or E as redundant and ignore the force when we are doing the analysis ... I was told by my lecturer that when we are choosing the redundant forces , it''s important that after removing the redundant force , the...
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    New member. Need help with basic Beam Calc

    Hello, My name is Molly Brown and I need help with basic beam and Structural Calculations. I'm not in college I just want to do this for my own satisfaction and desire to be able to understand this. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.
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    I Why are bicycle forks curved?

    I see that modern bicycles have curved front wheel forks , how does that affect stability ?
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    Programs Should I get degree(s) in these majors why or why not?

    I have recently finished my junior year in high school. I am seriously considering astrophysics, nuclear engineering, and structural engineering. I would love to get a degree in all of them if possible but, which one should i get first to help me get a job to afford to get the others? what about...
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    How to Waterproof a Strain Gage?

    Hello all, Our project needs to implement a force (strain) gage underwater for one of our tests. Our budget is pretty tight and we can't afford a wash-down strain gage that can support the forces that we will be operating at (~500 lbs). Does anybody know a way to hermetically seal a strain...
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    I need help in deciding my specialization

    Hello everyone, I am civil engineering student from India. Im done with my undergrad with a cgpa of 8.5/10 and applied for colleges in America. I will be attending University of Texas at San Antonio for fall 2015. Im confused on which specialization that i need to opt for my graduation. They...
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    Structural Engineering Question

    Hello I am looking for help with the following: I am designing a piece of furniture where most of the person's weight will be taken on a metal (steel) rod resting on a wooden batten. I need to calculate the diameter of rod needed to ensure it is safe to sit on. As a chemical engineer I have...
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    How to find thickness of steel plate

    I have a 300 mm diameter hole in the ground surrounded by concrete. This hole will be covered by a steel plate. I need to get a machine of weight 2.5 tonnes across this hole safely without any bending of the steel plate. How would i calculate the required thickness of the plate? Thank you Ron.
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    Structural frame analysis

    1. Homework Statement Hello. I've created a small program to find shear and bending diagrams of the members of a frame. I was able to get the reactions at the support but don't know how to continue from now. This is an example of a frame all columns are 3m in height and the beams 8m. All the...
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    Structural analysis of a concrete frame

    Hello. I have a project for next semester and I'm thinking of creating a program using mathematica to analyze a concrete frame to obtain the moment and shear diagram. What would you consider the best method for analysis. The loads will be uniformly distributed. Any tip will be greatly...
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    12m span of concrete roof slab

    Hi, I am designing a concrete roof slab that span across 12m long and 9m width for my living area. The support columns are placed in each 4 corners and they are 300mm x 300mm size. The concrete slab roof is cantilevered out by 1.8m on 3 sides (not all 4 sides) with the thickness of 150mm. At the...
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    Shear and bending moment

    Hi, I am designing a beam to replace a load bearing wall. I have produced 2 separate UDL diagrams which, one for floor load and one for wall load. I am trying to find shear force and bending moment as in one for the total of the two diagrams. I know how to do it if the loads are spread...
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    Calculating size of wooden members

    I need help calculating the size of the wood members I need in my truss. I understand the basics; I first need to calculate the load, then the stress on each member, then pick a wooden member which has that stress with a safety factor of let's say 2.0. The reason why I want to perform the...
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    Unit dead load vs unit weight

    What is the difference between the unit dead load and the unit weight of a material? For example, the unit weight for structural concrete is 145lb/ft^3. What would the unit dead load be? 145lb?