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Structures: dynamic, complexity, organisation

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    I have to make a project for school about the topic on the title. It must be a personal work, i mean i can't choose a difficult subject cause then all my presentation could be just a simple documentation. Also, the project could include just one or two of the topics in the title. I thought about writing a program (complexity). But i don't really have ideas. I thought of saturn rings, but i think it's difficult. Well, is there anyone who has any idea? Please, i really can't find any subject.

    Thanks (and sorry for the passable english)
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    I see that his work is about chemistry. I don't know. Our teacher told us that our work can be about computering, physics or mathematics...but not chemistry :(
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    Search "structure of spacetime" and you'll find topics in physical mathematics...like general relativity.

    Must your project must be 'original work' rather than research ['documentation'] ??

    What parameters did your teacher set for your efforts? At what education level is this?
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    As i said ...if it's a complex subject, it would be difficult for me to add something personal in my project. It will be just a domcumentary prensentation.
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    My work must include some experiements...or a program to modelise a physical phenomenon.
    Well, in french we call this kind of project TIPE https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Travail_d'initiative_personnelle_encadré
    And for the level, it's the equivalent of second year of college.

    Anyway, i found this. http://arxiv.org/pdf/1302.4097.pdf
    It's recent and really interesting, but i don't know if i can do anything i mean reporting all of those formulas in a program that modelise all the rings' structure. I think that would be difficult and maybe impossible with python. This is why i asked if there is anyone who has any idea.
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