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Struggling to decide between physics of chemistry for career prospects

  1. Jul 4, 2014 #1
    I'm having trouble deciding between the two as I don't want to go in to any specific field, my goal is just to be in a position to have a proper career. I don't know which subject has more prospects in the industry but I'll probably want to progress to a masters eventually and obviously will have to decide on something more specialized at the time. I live in the UK now but I'd really like to move to America one day so something that is likely to be in demand there would be good. I'm leaning towards chemistry as I'm not sure if my maths is up to scratch for physics.
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    The more specific a career you choose, the more likely you can manage education to be successful in finding and improving in the career. Be careful about limiting yourself in your education. Physics is great. What do you want to do? Physics by itself is not enough (as you should understand through some discussions on this forum). Chemistry is good, maybe great, but by itself, it is not enough. What do you want to do in Chemistry?

    Nobody can be sure what you mean, "not up to scratch" in Mathematics. You need Calculus at least up through Multivariable, and a course containing instruction on Differential Equations and containing some Linear Algebra. Going beyond the minimum is better than just trying to do the minimum. You absolutely MUST become good at intermediate algebra.

    What do you want to do? What job or jobs do you want? The more specific, the better.
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    Thanks for the quick reply. To be honest I don't really know what I want, that's why I'm curious about which careers have good prospects and are in demand. There isn't a specific area that I'm interested in at the moment, I just want to collect some options that are likely to help me in to a good career and make a choice from there. I'd hate to choose something just because I find it interesting and then down the line discover that there isn't any demand for that specialty.

    A few things I've looked at are medical chemistry, forensic chemistry and medical imaging. I feel like I need to know which areas are going to have the best prospects before I can make a decision though.
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