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Homework Help: Stuck on Stress/compression/tension->pic included

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    Stuck on Stress/compression/tension----->pic included


    All info is in the link above

    I am stuck on the problem for the longest time.

    What I do know is that bending will be at point B and compression at point A.

    I just dont know how to calculate the stresses at those points

    any advice will help.
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    Re: Stuck on Stress/compression/tension----->pic included

    Well I can't recall the exact equation at the moment, but you need to look up the equation for bending stress of a curved beam.

    EDIT: If I remember the equation correctly (I might be wrong but it looks something like this)

    [tex]\sigma_b = \frac{M}{AR}[1+\frac{1}{m}\frac{y}{r+y}][/tex]

    where m is constant for a particular cross-section

    does that equation look familiar or do you use the equation that accounts for the position of the neutral axis?
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