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Student loan vs Student line of credit

  1. Dec 13, 2009 #1
    Hey I am in a really sticky situation. Here is the low-down. I was living with my dad (parents are divorced) and I asked him 2 months ago to do the parent part of the student loan and the other day when I asked him he went off the deep end and actually kicked me out of the house :S now im at my moms. I have the school calling me and saying that they are going to withdraw me by wednesday cause my tuition is overdue and my loan still isnt processing.

    I am wondering what the pros and cons of taking a student line of credit are over a student loan?

    Also has anyone here taken a student line of credit before and call tell me a little bit about it. I looked on my banks website and I get the idea of it but was wondering what other people thought of it.

    If anyone can give me some insight into this it would be much appreicated
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    Have you spoken to your financial aid office? I would see what they recommend ASAP. They are the experts and also the only ones who may possibly be able to help you out if there is any help to be had. Good luck.
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