Studing physics and at 6 months i will finish my schoo

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In summary, estrella is struggling with the idea of continuing her education in physics, as she does not enjoy the subject. However, she is determined to finish her degree, as this will give her a good foundation for her future.f
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I am studing physics and at 6 months i will finish my school. The problem is that during the last 2 years I discovered that physics in not the thing I would like to do in the rest of my life. However, I desided to finish the school and for the last 1 year i study 10 h a day. The problem is that i feel so tired physically (i can't remember anything that I'm reading) and mentally (for trying so hard for something i don't like).
Please give me some job options or any reason for keeping trying.
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Don't despair, in fact your future is probably bright. Physics is one of the best all-around job preparations available. Many of the best engineers (electrical or mechanical) and programmers I've worked with studied physics in school. As a result, they are equipped to think critically and to analyze and solve problems that others cannot. You will pick up specific skills (programming in C++, for instance) needed for your job as you go. Look at your education as the background that equips you to take on any problem.

(You might back off on the intensity a little so you can finish without burning out. You'll do better if you retain some of what you are learning!)
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Hang in there, estrella! I know exactly how you feel - I felt that way when I was in school, too.

It sounds like you would really benefit from backing off a tad, like marcusl said. Be sure to exercise every day. I got a lot of relief from stress by running a few miles nearly every day. And be sure you're getting enough sleep - college students are chronically sleep-deprived.

You're in the home stretch now. My advice would be, just finish your degree. Once it's over, you'll be better able to decide which direction you want to go with your life.
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If you give up now, then everything was for naught...stick it through, you're almost there!

(...and even though I'm still rather new here, I am quite confident that you will be able to get lots of support from PF if and when you need it :smile: )
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estrella: Sounds like a very hard problem you are going through. I can understand that you are sticking with your subject and getting a degree, so you have something after a couple of years of physics.

But physics is a lot of areas in science. Some areas are really close, namely quantum chem and some forms of physical chem.

But if science isn't your thing really, try being a teacher, maybe after you get your license (think you need one of those in the states...?), then pursue a career in nursing children in a kindergarten.

The only thing stopping you is a lack of creativity. maybe working with management consulting? Maybe insurance calculations? Spreading of risk in portfolios? Maybe being a fireman? CSI-agent? FBI-agent? going into the military?

But if you just are fed up with physics, physics pouring our of your ears, tainting your sense of smell, tainting everything it touches in your world... Then Maybe take an imaginary step back, face the music another time. And maybe you need some battery-rechargin' in the summer? Who knows. Supply us with more info and maybe we can help you better.

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