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Submitting a science paper to a journal

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    Hi everyone, my first post here.

    I have worked out some of the problems facing physics in general and quantum mechanics more specifically in my head and am planning to submit a paper to a scientific journal to put out the ideas and have them reviewed and hopefully accepted as new clues to the puzzle of life, universe and creation. I would greatly appreciate any help from anyone as I have not done anything like this before.

    I'll list some of the ideas I have to give you some clues as to what I'm going to write my paper on. Some are already accepted in math and or physics but I'll mention them all since they all relate to each other.

    1. I have worked out some of the problems facing the Unifying theory. Every other aspect of my ideas fall under this theory but each can become a groundbreaking fact at some point in the future.

    2. Time space does not exist and it is only in the eyes of a conscious being.
    3. Sub-particle atoms are responsible for the way they behave and the wave-particle duality is at the heart of how this universe works.
    4. Positive and negative infinity are indeed one and the same
    5. Electricity and light are two ends of the same phenomenon

    Thanks in advance
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    Nothing that you list here has anything to do with physics. It is all "meta-physics" or philosophy.
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    Thanks, I understand your point. But conciousnous is at the heart of quantum mechanics, isn't it? And it all starts with that and everything else falls underneath and thus it's called the unifying theory.
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    I'm afraid none of that is correct.
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