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Suggested video lectures: theoretical physics

  1. Aug 21, 2011 #1
    Anyone have any suggestions for video lectures that go beyond the standard overview-for-the-layman or slightly-lower-level introductory courses? A post somewhere on here pointed me to Susskind's "Theoretical Physics: the Bare Minimum" on "iTunes U", which is sort of the prototype for what I'm looking for -- but maybe something aiming for slightly more advanced students (or perhaps a similar introductory look at more advanced topics, like maybe representation theory or exterior calculus).

    So...any tips for specific lectures, or maybe suggestions for places to look? The two main resources I know of are iTunes U and MIT's Open CourseWare.
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    Susskinds lectures and MIT OCW are the two main sources of video lectures out there.

    The Perimiter Institute also has a collection of courses and seminars online, though I have to say the audio quality is sub-par and you cant enlarge the video feed (or at least i haven't figured out how). If you watch a video you'll understand what i mean but at certain points a picture will pop up of what is being written on the blackboard.



    If you click on a course listed you will be redirected to a lecture series.

    Also there is the seminar archive: http://pirsa.org/

    But again, I have to stress that the quality is sub-par.
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