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Lecture videos of Theoretical physics

  1. Feb 15, 2012 #1
    Hi guys , I found a lot of incredibly useful lecture videos provided by the international center for theoretical physics see http://www.ictp.tv/ However there is one problems . They use a technology called EyA to view the lectures.It creates high quality images of the black board every 6 seconds so that you can zoom in whatever you want however the blackboard in the video is very blurred and you can't see anything on it .I wonder if there exists a better way to watch the videos like downloading the images etc
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    I sigh every time I see a lecture poorly encoded. For 200MB-300MB per lecture it should be of much higher quality than it is.

    As for lecture photos of the blackboard, on the lecture page where you have links to the quicktime and flash video lectures there is also a zip package (which right now it says is unavailable, but will be back in a few days) which I am assuming has the photos included.
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