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Suggestion about research object(quantum mechanics)

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    Hello everyone,
    I am a Ph.D student in my first semester. My major is theoretical physics. I am in china. Furthermore, the system of education is different from America and European. There is no courses here. So if you want to learn physics, you must depend on all yourself.Our main object are publishing at least three papers if you want to gratuate on time.
    My tutor give me an subject about geometric phase, i.e. Berry phase, A-A phase and so on. It is really a hard one. These days, I plunge myself into the study of morden differential geometry especially in lie groups, pinciple fiber bundles, connection and parallel transport. Now I can read paper in that domain. However, I find it is very hard to find something new in that field. It is rather perfect.
    So can you suggest me some domain that are easy to find some objects to publish? You had better the domain in quantum mechanics. I am not very familiar with quantum field theory. Thanks a lot!
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    Try looking at something related to decoherence or quantum computing. Topological quantum computers use some of those phases, I think.
    Jim Graber
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    Thank a million for your constructive suggestion. I will think about them seriously.
    Best wishes

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