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Suggestions for a beginning researcher.

  1. Jul 20, 2010 #1
    What advice will you give to someone who starts as a graduate student (theoretical works) but since supervisor is rarely available for consultation, have to take the responsibility of making progress alone. Frankly I am in such a situation and even though I work a lot, I find I am making very little progress in actual research. I am reading lots of papers, books and journals but I realize I have not done much research. Whenever I find some interesting new idea or some new formulation I can not resist myself and immediately start reading and learning that. This way though I have learned much, I have done very little research. I am looking for useful suggestions from experienced researchers. How should those work practically alone, proceed to become a good researcher?
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    Either get your adviser to make the time for you (try suggesting a weekly meeting) or pick a new adviser. If you're not making much progress on your own and don't know how to start making progress, you need a supervisor - most grad students do. And the longer you go without a useful one, the longer you'll be in grad school.
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