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Suggestions for a physics masters dissertation in geometry.

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    I am currently studying for a one year postgrad MSc in Theoretical Physics.

    In my undergraduate physics degree, my dissertation was on general relativity, so I got a taste of differential geometry and manifolds which I really enjoyed.

    At the moment I'm currently attending lectures on different areas of physics. One of the classes is on Quantum Field Theory and another is on Group Theory.

    During the summer I have a three month project to do as part of this degree.

    I am interested in studying noncommutative geometry for a PhD, and really need to show I have some grounding in geometry if my application is to be taken seriously.

    Could anyone suggest an area I might look at for my dissertation that involves geometry set within a physical setting (such as QFT)?

    Help appreciated as always,
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    I've been told (but do not know personally) that Yang-Mills theory can be formulated very geometrically similarly to GR.
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