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Suicide Rabbits!

  1. Apr 14, 2009 #1
    I was driving home at 1AM and there's a dead rabbit in the road--on all fours.

    Belatedly I hit the brakes, and the rabbit ended up somewhere under the front bumber. Dead rabbits don't sit on 4 legs do they?

    I backed up. The dead rabbit didn't move.
    I pulled up along side. The rabbit didn't move.
    I opened the door and looked at it. The rabbit glanced back, then looked another way.
    I shut the door and left.

    A suicidal rabbit?
    A thrill seeking rabbit?
    A rabbit looking for God in the middle of a road?
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    Whilst not particularly relevant to your question, but funny all the same: http://www.boreme.com/boreme/funny-2006/suicide-bunny-p1.php [Broken]
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    Ha! Awfully appropriate perhaps. Some many young rabbits seem not so interested in doing the rabbit thing.
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    Must be Bugs Bunny, nobody can run him over ;)
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    Aww I forgot about them. Proof that childish doodling in school can one day make you money.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    Quite perplexing as we all know that rabbits understand the dangers of automobiles. :biggrin:

    My theory is that he intended to bite your tires and give you a flat. That would teach you not to drive on his bed.
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    I knew when I read the forum line that somebody would get this posted! :biggrin:
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    Rather than suicide, I rather think the rabbit was startled. This seems to be a defense mechanism. A rabbit will sit frozen hoping you haven't seen him if startled. At night headlights also tend to blind them I suppose.

    Lyndon Johnson used to go rabbit hunting at night from a jeep on his ranch as I recall. Hardly a sporting proposition since the reflection of their eyes are like a sign that says "shoot here" as they sit still thinking they can't be seen.

    Hitting one on the run on the other hand is a pretty good shot, if not a lucky one.
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