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Suiltible catalyst or alternative for obtaining potassium

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    i have a whole bunch of potassium chloride and will be getting more soon.
    ive been attempting to obtain pure potassium by electrolysing the molten potassium chloride.

    so far ihave tried using a car battery, 12v-45a and a 15v-u/k amperage lithium-polymer battery charger(which ive also used to electrolise other things) but im not getting any reaction, its not even conducting.

    i was wondering, what could i use a catalyst for this set up?
    alternatively, what else could i use? any other more suitible DC power source?
    Is there any realistic way to rectify a 15000v-30ma nst?(that would be perfect)
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    To recover K for KCl, one would use a non-acqueous electro-refining or electro-winning process. Above is one example. Off-hand, I don't remember the standard process, but I'll look into it.
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    thanks for looking into it... as for the link, at this time of night confuses me, i cant picture the set up here, is this still electrolysis only using an aluminium anode? also, what exactly is it instructing i do with the electrolite?

    what other methods are there other than electrolysis to obtain potassium from potassium chloride?(prefferably something simple that doesnt require much fancy lab apparatus, my school doesnt let students use the lab unless it is for something syllibus related and they most certainly dont let us get near alkali metals) if there are no other methods then again i ask, what could i do to get my current set up to work?
    At my immediate disposal i have:
    .12v 44a car battery
    .15v li-po charger
    .15kv 30ma NST
    .smaller transformers with unknown values(probably 12v-120v)
    .carbon electrodes(pencil graphite)
    .yes, lots of aluminium
    .basic apparattus, stands,test tubes,bunsen burner etc.
    i also got alot of junk lying around so if i need something else(non-related to the reaction it'self) i dont have i could probably improvise
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