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Correct? Please let me know if my logic is off? =D

Given Problem
You pull upward on a stuffed suitcase with a force of 103 N, and it accelerates upward at 0.731 m/s2.
(a)What is the mass of the suitcase?
(b)What is the weight of the suitcase?

Relevant equations
F = ma
W = mg

Attempted Solution
Find the mass of the suitcase given the Force and acceleration. Then use the mass found and plug it back into the weight equation to find weight.
F = ma
m = F / a
m = 103N / 0.731m/s2
m = 140.903 kg
W = mg
W = (140.903kg) * (9.8m/s2)
W = 1380.85N

Doc Al

F = ma
m = F / a
m = 103N / 0.731m/s2
m = 140.903 kg
The 'F' in F = ma refers to the net force on the object. A better way to write Newton's 2nd law is: ΣF = ma.

Hint: There are two forces acting on the suitcase.

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