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Summer job in Physics for UK student

  1. Dec 18, 2005 #1
    Hi there,

    Was wondering if anybody could direct me to universities or companies that take on physics students for summer projects. I would ideally like to get a place in the US somewhere but so many places state US residents only.

    Can anyone help or suggest good places to go in the summer?

    I would be very very grateful for your help

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    You're right: most US programs are required to only have US residents in the programs due to funding (like the vast majority of REUS). However, there are some exceptions if you look carefully at the list, Caltech's LIGO comes to mind, but most places will still give preferences to Americans. It's worth a shot though if you're interested in things on this side of the pond. :)
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    Thank you, are there any others that anybody can think of? It is very downheartening to read time after time, the words "US citizens only"
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    I'm guessing St. Andrews don't offer anything (or at least only for more experienced undergrads as was the case at my uni). I think you'll find it difficult finding a project at another (UK) institution as well.

    I remember vaguely a astronomy research foundation (or something) based at Leicester, which offered a few places, coming up on google searches. Most projects may involve some computing as well, which you might not have done a lot of yet (looking at your profile) :smile:
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    St Andrews do offer quite a number of things but I really wanted to try and get away from the town. As much as I love it, all year round is a bit too much. I was at Glasgow University's physics dept the last two summers, and I am now in my 3rd year of a MPhys, so even though still only 1/2 way through my degree, I have had previous lab experience. And yes, I know very little computing :(

    Basically I just want to get away from St Andrews and Glasgow to another university or company for a bit of experience. It is amazing how hard that seems to be!
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    ^Something like http://www.le.ac.uk/physics/sure.shtml" [Broken] might be interesting. I'm not sure if it runs every year, but I think it's open to students outside Leicester.
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    Hi leila,

    Do you know if you university offers summer placements where you get to go abroad? (my university, the university of birmingham, does one where you go to france). Your physics department will definatly have international ties with other universities, and even if there isn't a programme now, one could be arranged if you speak to the right people!

    Maybe go and see your personal tutor? They should be able to at the very least point you in the direction of someone who knows about these things.

    (ps. how can you be in your 3rd year and be half way through your degree? an MPhys is four years right?)
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    canada? ubc/uft/mac/ucal/perimeter institue?
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    My university does offer some summer placements (one to Grenoble, France and one to the Fermilab), but they are very hard to get so I am trying to sort out some other options.

    In Scotland, because of the way the system works, an MPhys is 5 years, and I am 1/2 way through my 3rd year.
  11. Dec 28, 2005 #10
    Lots of programs do SURFs.
    (Summer Undergrad. Research Fellowship), or REU's (Research Experience for Undergrads)

    I am from the UK and did my SURF at Baylor University in Texas. The place is great. After graduating and working for 3 yrs I ended up coming back here and am now in the 4th yr of a PhD in particle physics. Its only thanks to the contacts made then that I am living my dream now.

    My friend and peer did a SURF for caltech and worked at JPL.
    (He's from Greece)

    Just do a search.
    My university (Baylor) brings in lots of overseas students. Have a look at the website or drop me an email.


    if you like I'll have a few words with some people I know...

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