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Advanced Math and Science Academy Charter School (AMSA) is a charter school founded in 2005. It is located at 201 Forest Street in Marlborough, Massachusetts, U.S., in a few remodeled office buildings.
The school is widely recognized for its academic achievements, consistently scoring in the highest percentile among Massachusetts schools in the English, math and science MCAS exams. In 2018, U.S. News & World Report ranked the school the #2 high school in Massachusetts.As a charter public school, AMSA receives funding from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Students and their families have no direct costs other than uniforms and the fees for extra activities that have become common among most of Massachusetts' public schools.
Admission includes completing an application, attending an open house, and taking math and language arts tests that are solely used to determine placement in the right level of classes. Preference for the limited spaces is given first to siblings of current students regardless of residence, then to residents of Marlborough, Hudson, Clinton, and Maynard, and finally to any resident of Massachusetts.
The school is currently divided into a Lower School (grades 6-8) and an Upper School (grades 9-12) thus making a distinction between two parts of one continuous school.

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  1. K

    MHB What's the best financing option for Mia's used trailer purchase?

    Mia is buying a used trailer for $5000 on credit. She plans to travel through the Rockies over the summer. She can afford payments of $200 each month and is considering these two options: • The dealership credit card at 15.8%, compounded daily, and an immediate rebate of 2.4% off her first...
  2. ujint

    Intro Physics Looking for beginner to advanced physics textbooks

    Hi there, I’m looking for beginner to advanced physics textbook. The books doesn’t have to be by only one author or series of volumes. I’m in year 9 at the moment (australia) and really want to learn further than what the curriculum provides. I’ve got the feynman’s lectures on physics, so any...
  3. F

    Self-study methods for advanced math books and papers

    How to study advanced math books and papers? Advanced math books don't have exercises to practice. What study methods do you use?
  4. S

    Algebra Book on Lie algebra & Lie groups for advanced math undergrad

    Posting for my son (who does not have an account here): He's a sophomore math major in college and is looking for a good book on Lie algebra and Lie Groups that he can study over the summer. He wants mathematical rigor, but he is thinking of grad school in theoretical physics, so he also wants...
  5. Delta31415

    Courses What advanced math courses should I take as a ECE

    Hello, everyone, I am a freshman in ECE( My degree atm is CompE) who by next semester(fall 2019) will have completed calc 1 -3, elementary linear algebra(with proofs) and differential equations. My program still requires me to take a course in discrete mathematics, probability(super basic imo)...
  6. TheKracken5

    Schools Advanced Math a advantage or disadvantage in college physics

    Hi, so I recently switched my major from Math to Physics. I will be taking my first calculus based physics course in the fall. I am curious if people think the typical route of taking calc 1-3, DEQ's, LA concurrently while going through the physics courses is beneficial? Versus someone like...
  7. P

    Challenge Advanced Math Problem of the Week 12/20/2017

    Here is this week's advanced math problem of the week. We have several members who will check solutions, but we also welcome the community in general to step in. We also encourage finding different methods to the solution. If one has been found, see if there is another way. Occasionally there...
  8. P

    Challenge Advanced Math Problem of the Week 10/17/2017

    Here is this week's advanced math problem. We have several members who will check solutions, but we also welcome the community in general to step in. We also encourage finding different methods to the solution. If one has been found, see if there is another way. Using spoiler tags is optional...
  9. P

    Challenge Advanced Math Problem of the Week 9/30/2017

    Here is this week's advanced math problem of the week. We have several members who will check solutions, but we also welcome the community in general to step in. We also encourage finding different methods to the solution. If one has been found, see if there is another way. Occasionally there...
  10. P

    Challenge Advanced Math Problem of the Week 9/14/2017

    Here is this week's advanced math problem of the week. We have several members who will check solutions, but we also welcome the community in general to step in. We also encourage finding different methods to the solution. If one has been found, see if there is another way. Occasionally there...
  11. D

    Other Why Can't I Understand Advanced Math in Physics?

    To start off I am a 16 year old student with a passion for learning and understanding the universe I live in. I maintain a very high average in math and the sciences, and am at the top of almost all my classes, that being said I also attend the worst school in my district, and very very few...
  12. I

    Studying Starting from Scratch and learning Advanced Math

    If someone wanted to learn maths to a high level starting basically from scratch (knowing little more than basic addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) which order would you recommend that they learn things in? Is there a generally accepted/recommended order? I'm interested in...
  13. jaskamiin

    Analysis Have a math degree, need to refamiliarize with advanced math

    I've been out of school for a while and working as a programmer. I want to start taking some masters courses for applied math (PDEs, numerical analysis, etc) and need to become familiar again with the advanced math I used to use in undergrad. I took two semesters of real analysis as an...
  14. Alpharup

    Studying Is it useful to learn advanced math course by video lectur?

    Pure math books, in my experience are very hard to read(compared to engineering). An engineering book(in my experience) keeps repeating the same math(high school calculus+some engineering math) again and again. So, after time, the pattern of thinking become more normal. But math books on other...
  15. R

    Heat conduction problem in a ring of radius a

    Homework Statement We previously solved the heat conduction problem in a ring of radius a, and the solution is c into the sum, perform the sum first (which is just a geometric series), and obtain the general solution, which should only involve one integral in ϑHomework Equations...
  16. R

    Schools Advanced Math High School Plan - Need Advice

    Hi. Currently a junior in high school. I love math, and am currently either deciding between going into math or engineering. Because of this, I'd like to take as much math as possible and really challenge myself before I go to college. I'm currently taking pre-calculus at my school, but next...
  17. T

    Friction constant minimizing the duration of vertical motion

    Homework Statement The mass of a car that acts on one wheel is 100 kg. The elasticity (spring) constant in the suspension system of that wheel is k = 10^4N/m. Design the strut (find the friction/resistance constant c) such that any vertical motion of the wheel (set up for example by going over...
  18. O

    Task: Function for the acceleration throughout a loop?

    So, this seemed really fun to me until I got stuck. THE TASK is about an object with mass m, moving in a basic (2D) coordinate system. It is attached to origo (0, 0) by a "rope" with constant length r=5. In position P0(-5, 0) it has the velocity v0=[0, -10]. Hence, the object moves around origo...
  19. R

    Summer Upper Level Math Courses Online?

    Econ Major here. I plan to graduate in spring 2016 and from there apply to economics grad programs. I still need to take Advanced Math and Advanced Calculus, and Real Analysis, all of which are not available during the summer at my uni (Florida International University). Anyone know of any...
  20. P

    What advanced math courses would you recommend for grad physics?

    Hi guys, I'm currently an undergraduate, but I'm going for a simultaneous Bachelors/Masters in Physics. I've already taken advanced math courses in the following subjects: Combinatorics, Real Analysis, Partial Differential Equations, and Numerical Analysis, and I have also studied some Gamma...
  21. E

    Applications of Advanced Math to Mechanical Engineering

    Hey Everyone! I was wandering what applications (if any) advanced math topics like topology, functional analysis, abstract algebra, etc. have in Mechanical Engineering. Thanks a lot!
  22. S

    What are the recommended advanced math subjects for an electrical engineer?

    After Linear Algebra, Ordinary Differential Equations, Partial Differential Equations, Complex Analysis, Numerical Methods, Numerical Methods for Partial Differential Equations, what math subject comes next? List as many math subjects as possible. But they need to be in order.
  23. L

    How to deal with conceptual Physics after learning advanced math?

    Hi all, I've started the course of Physics at college last year and I need some advice right now. My main areas of interest are General Relativity and Quantum Mechanics, and these theories as well as every math needed to understand them wouldn't be covered in the course in detail (General...
  24. K

    Transitioning from general calculus to advanced math and physics

    Hello all, I am currently taking Calculus 1B at my school which basically covers integral and will be finishing up Calculus 1C (series) by June. I fell in love with math recently (calculus 1A) so I'm not very familiar with all the math classes out there. Over the summer, I plan to take Calculus...
  25. M

    Schools Advanced Math courses online/through universitys

    I'm finishing my undergrad work in Physics and was just curious if there were sources to take 'advanced' math classes besides enrolling in a grad program. If for instance I wanted to take a Group Theory course for my own entertainment or whatever. I'm looking for something legitimate e.g. not a...
  26. MathWarrior

    Courses How does an advanced math course differ from calculus 1-3?

    I've been taking a lot of mathematics courses, and I am getting to where I will eventually be doing upper division mathematics. I was looking for someone to explain some insight on how upper division math courses differ from the traditional calculus sequence. For example, number theory...
  27. M

    Learning Advanced Math During a Break

    The courses I've taken are algebra, trig, calculus 1 and 2 with analy. geometry and elementary linear algebra. Now that I have a three month break I plan on reviewing calc 1 and 2, and linear algebra. I would also like to learn a new topic but I don't know what subjects would be in my range of...
  28. D

    Do engineering researchers often use advanced math as tools?

    Such as topics in topology, complex analysis, etc.?
  29. A

    Engineering Software Engineers: Advanced Math & Differential Equations in Demand?

    Are you a software engineer using differential equations or more advanced math everyday to solve problems? I would like to hear about what you do--what projects do you work on? Do you consider that differential equations and advanced math skills are useful/in demand in the realm of software...
  30. I

    Advanced Math Course Options for Physics Majors

    Hi, I am a sophomore physics major at the University of Minnesota. I have several options for technical electives and I will probably fill them up with math. Past the four-course math requirement, would it be better to take assorted courses such as PDEs or complex variables, or should I try...
  31. S

    Transitioning to Advanced Math

    So far I've been working elementary math problems where the main focus is on creative ideas. I want to up my game but I find it hard to get past the first few chapters of more advanced books because they seem so daunting. For example, I wanted to get a foundation for complex analysis and learn...
  32. J

    More Complex Logarithm and advanced Math Questions

    Hello, was wondering if anyone could please help me with the following questions as for math I have been given a substitute teacher who is of little help. Any help would be much appreciated, even if its just pointing me in the right direction Equation 1: Log (x-3) = 1 + Log 4 - Log x...
  33. J

    Can Complex Logarithms Challenge Advanced Math Students?

    Hello I am currently studying Math B in high school and am having an extremely hard time with my current assessment. If anyone could please help me with the equations listed below it would be very much appreciated as my current Math teacher is on long service leave, and our substitute is...
  34. L

    Courses Advanced Math for Graduate Theoretical Physics: What to Take?

    Which "advanced" math courses are needed to prepare for graduate theoretical physics? I am a first year physics student preparing my schedule for next year. I would greatly appreciate advice on what kind of math will help me prepare for graduate studies in theoretical physics. Here is a list of...
  35. P

    Finding Solutions for y^4+4y-69 - Without Advanced Math Tools

    Homework Statement Solving y^4+4y-69, I got the following: By manually plugging in, I found that y= -3 and y=2.76. However, I would like to ask you if there are other good, efficient ways to find solutions? (Without using sophisticated math tools. Imagine, I have this prob on the exam)...
  36. R

    How can I teach myself more advanced math?

    Hi everyone. I'm new posting to these forums, although I have been lurking for the past couple of months. My question is simple: How can I teach myself math? I am 16, and love learning new concepts and ideas regarding math. What is the best way to start out, and are there any good websites...
  37. P

    Can I learn Advanced Math at 30

    Hi all. This is my first post. I am a career changer. Long story how I got here, but I will tell you the short version. I have a B.A. in Political Science and a Teaching Certification In Social Studies. I owned my own business for about 7 years. Due to multiple reasons I have closed my...
  38. I

    How can I optimize my learning of advanced math?

    Hi All, Its been a while since I took a proper math course. I am will be working through Cal 1-3 (Diff Eq) this year, with some other math topics on the side (probability, or lin alg, not decided yet). Can you please give me ideas on how to ensure that I get the most out of my courses...
  39. R

    Which advanced math courses are favored by top graduate programs?

    Hey all. I'm actually a math and chemistry major at the Univ. of Illinois Chicago. I have a competitive GPA, research experience, and an overal good academic history. What I'm trying to do is plan my advanced math courses to not only be functionable within my area of interests (engineering...
  40. I

    Finding an Advanced Math Topic for AP Calculus AB Project

    This is a bit different kind of help that I need compared to most other threads in this forum. I was not sure of where exactly to post this. But, since it is pretty much homework, and it's for my AP Calculus AB course, I thought this would be an appropriate place to put this thread. If not...
  41. M

    Solving Advanced Math Problem | Checking Equations | College Knowledge Refreshed

    Hello to all, I'm solving one interesting problem that basically tailor to the problem in attachment. I'm pretty much sure I'm on the right track, but my knowledge of math became little rusty since colledge, so I need to ask fo confirmation. Please have a look and tell me if I wrote these...
  42. I

    Need help transitioning from calculus to proof-based math? Check out this book!

    what's a good book to segue from a calc sequence to upper level proof based classes? i need something that presumes nothing about my mathematical reasoning abilities, like i don't even know how to do proof by induction.
  43. V

    Can I self learn advanced math?

    I am a older student that would like to go back to college and take higher level mathematics. I want to teach myself geometry, trig, and Pre-calc before i go back. Could anyboby recommend a book, tutoring software, or website that can help accomplisc this task.
  44. E

    Advanced Math and Its Impact on Everyday Life

    whats the role of advanced math in a ordinary person' life directly? does it make a big change in ur life wether u know advanced math or not?
  45. RadiationX

    Where can I find advanced math and physics lectures on DVD?

    does anyone know of a company/website that sells advanced math and physics lectures on dvd? i need something above calculus 2 for the math, and something at the undergraduate level for physics. thx
  46. R

    What Does Advanced Calculus Include and What Are the Best Books for Learning It?

    I'm a BS Math Student Majoring in Actuarial Science, finished with math subjects like Differential Calculus, Statistics, and Linear Algebra, currently studying Integral Calculus, Math Logic, and Probability Theory in my third year at College. By the time I graduate, I've already have finsihed...