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Sun moves north as it sets in wunderground video

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    My roku device has a channel for wunderground.com, which shows the weather. But it also shows a time-lapse video of the past 24 hours in a local neighborhood. The caption says "Facing West," and you can indeed see the sun setting in the evening as you would expect.

    But in the video the sun drifts to the right, North, as it sets. I haven't been able to wait around for sunset recently to check, but I only recall the sun appearing to drift South as it sets here in the Northern Hemisphere at about 39°N.

    The only conclusion I can draw is that it's a reverse image. But I wonder how you can do that by accident. And if not by accident, I wonder why. Has anyone else seen this?
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    The sun rises in the east, travels south as it gets higher, then wraps around and travels north as it descends and sets. In fact, you can tell time by the direction of the sun: 6 AM = East, 12 PM = South, 6 PM = West.
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